free tv (the original's and new) vs. pay tv

a satellite dish band c/ku receiver popcorn speaker sports machine big screen seat plays robot football

ALL FREE TO AIR CHANNELS are original U.S. signal's and legally broadcast in the U.S. Use of the type of LNBf and the satellite in space which broadcast's the signals determine what free to air channel's you can receive where no direction to outerspace (air only) can be blocked from viewing; and what sized dish is needed to receive the FTA channel's available. Motor's on any dish allow all you can receive from you are just a spot on the map; and depend on very perfect movement to each satellite using a polar mount design. As you now see satellite dishes as small as 6 or 8 inches in size for DBS receivers; minimum sizes from 48" to 10' are still required for free to air C+Ku 3.7-4.2 GHz. (since '61) and 11.7-12.2 GHz. (since '81); band's that are in Studio's throughout the America's and Worldwide. A big dish to receive every satellite in US space can be realized still today using "stealthy technology hiding the dish" and some ingenuity. A satellite dish and receiver of all channel's has been legally owned in the US since 1979 (and began the journey) and is used today to receive free tv signals in the U.S.legally as well as pay only cable channels; and you get to own it yourself and value it just like a stereo the dish size is like a speaker size. Commercially, when used, the established rate is paid.

Football season is in the air for free. Pro Football - Thursday's night game (NFL Channel only, and sell's outright live), Sunday day (Fox/CBS), Sunday night (NBC); Monday night (ESPN). To watch NFL games live in your area for free is what this is about. has feed finding/found/finds. Join and begin/re-trace the journey to c/ku band free to air satellite tv and the NFL game's watched FOR FREE As listed, these own the right's of broadcast in your area, locally held. The ESPN does blackout free HDTV enterprises, their broadcast is considered cable/pay only. This is not PPV paks that DirecTV has for every game (or Nascar); these are Local Channel Broadcaster's that have sold their own zombie pay only channel's (multi-channel's born) their Pro Football right's of broadcast in the US. Free to air viewer's are who they lose in rate's (as well as any local abc rate fell for those days heavily); and go to your favorite local bar instead of searching the International waves. Commercial Business must pay commercial rate for every program shown on their HDTV's; the public has free HDTV and Businesses do not. If I told you legally was changed to illegally (the vcr or reception   of basically hdtv/cable/satellite) with the word digital mill. act, all channel's and programming is still free to be received in the USA; and in fact required to be in free tv is time rated for free tv and locally free tv available never broken in time "rating system" with The Emergency Broadcast System (of which just a satellite company does not have); (make your tv work). IF it is detectable as a digital signal; it is (nor will you have any radar or ability to detect "anything" unless you can and then the HDTV works, as well as your game machine and satellite dish; the hook-up of wires, compare different stb; cloning the air onto a hdtv by the 1980's, 720p tv's). Today's 4k UHD tv/display is the only "new"; for satellite dish owner's this also mean's new receivers every year for awhile; but hey; the USA makes the best picture's; and hang from a wall (and do not allow Communist TV or un-rated or time of day rated program's).

Which channel is missing? Which day is not watched free to air? Is what is cable channels Only Thursday and Monday night games? What does it say on the program guide as info in your country?

First of all, every football game was on free to air channel's since time began (many years). Free to air NFL games are / have been / and have the sold on ppv for the last 35 years via c band satellite dishes (and now only on directv); and every channel was free also (even hbo and disney and the rest). Although each local channel with the NFL is a part of the buy in (original owner kept) the ability for somebody to watch them is where they rate higher/better/faster/local, this is determined by the "every" affiliate rule in local tv or the local broadcast channel; they can be blacked out is the technology. ESPN was owned by ABC (Disney); and ABC is the channel Monday Night football was created on; paid for by ABC of Disney. This rule still carries in Canada for home/land owner's; as well as their ability to receive their local channel's or Broadcast TV Stations; C Band Station keeping or Cable Co. Law in Canada is not US Law. The Free TV Broadcast's are determined in each country; and so are their rights to be broadcast programming in their Country (a broadcast station is a Broadcast station and does not have any right's they have not payed for themselves and been their ability to be watched; for free.

GEOSATpro STB w/remote model HDVR3500 by GEOSATpro add's U.S. free IPTV channel's

satellite tv system with GEOSATpro

U.S. HDTV Free to air Equipment - No monthly fee's No term's No contract DO NOT PAY $ for TV legally Record, RW, pause, and review your programming for FREE

You get a complete ready to install (all parts) satellite dish system w/free to air data downloads updates auto; +free to air IPTV; no monthly fee/no contracts/no payments of any money's $$$ for use on HDTV, recording for review, rw to begin, ff to live, pause; used for free forever in the US.

With many HD and SD channel's - complete GEOSATpro model HDVR3500 DVB-S2 receiver w/ff, record, rw, pause; TM (time machine) pvr/dvr (vcr); of the Free to air channels received; a 90 cm. satellite dish with a single lnbf; 2 GB sdram (fast) and 32 included GB space (wide); a pro install kit w/compass; in a box.

$199.00 Satellite (DVB-S/S2) + IP (free to air software you install- kodi+openElec) shipping and internet extra

Glorystar: SATAV High Quality and honest GEOSATpro Satellite Systems; Parts; and Service, always with Warranty

**Glorystar Satellite Systems


Both install and geo websites are down as servers else's works fine

the available spots to mount and receive Galaxy 97 W Ku Band Linear Satellite the manual is with every DVB-S2 receiver set-top-box and HDTV cable; and has the included printed site survey tool. The elevation site measure tool for site check of 97 W satellite location from your home is a string and inclinometer measured from horizon and true south using a compass. From each home, this angle can be calculated from online calculator or menu system of DVB-S2 receiver. This elevation is required to be clear of obstruction, as well as the az reading from your spot on the map. This direction must not have any obstruction. Any other direction can have obstruction; but limits multi-satellite reception.

*Site Survey/Labor/Internet/sw extra

* list of satellite direction's multi AZ; multi-satellite reception has skew if linear for each and satellites 2 degree type space V/H or L/R is found in 2 degree increment's directionally; power level and multi-band's; multi-band; and SW gps+AZ compass of many different point's in the sky owned by the U.S. by use of your compass to look for the satellite directions available (which are real satellites and space; from each gps lat./long; by city/state/zip you live, receive free tv from every spot on the map; and each satellites elevational line EL- angle from horizontal the markings on the mount of a dish are made for one satellite reception for one gig tv) elevations aimed for offset lnbf is aimed at EL; and skew angle which depends on number of degree's east or west from true south and satellite type aimed at from the USA. These are all the angles you need to aim for free tv in the USA using a satellite dish fta. The multi-directional polar mount is the device that really can receive tham all at 2 degree spacing (from your home for your hdtv; and do all the work for you; using a motor to point at over 50 satellites.

DIY can easily do this work of art at their home themselves, following the simple directions in the Glorystar manual or from their online manual. They have their own Glorystar hosted FTA satellite tv forum to interact; or use of their installation professionals whom charge for their services or installation or repairs.

Here for free tv and pay tv solutions are how the U.S.A. watches tv today (and the internet you want faster); what you get to watch is your own choice under the Law's of the US. Today, there are thousands of free to air channels to choose from. Free to air satellite dishes from old to new have the most in each local area for homeowners and businesses to choose from.

*New Free to air channel's are added as new channel's. Your support of new channel's gets them the publicity to be wanted or needed on Provider System's, which are throughout the US as subscription tv. This includes Satellite re-Broadcaster's who then "carry" new channel's within their System, and add new ratings within their properties; adding more viewer's.

You also get to use it for free, download, record, ff for live, rewind to begin, with not one dollar spent and for stereo and display's; and you buy the equipment owning in your own space/cloud/theme use; and set-it-up yourself. Like the old stereo, it has the tuning dial; antenna gear since the CB radio and microwave oven's.

10 foot local antennalarge10 foot local antennaamplified 4008 local VHF/UHF antenna picturesmall

ATSC digital local provider's of the channel CBSFox is a Free TV channel using a local antennaABC is a local Freely received channelNBC is a Free TV channel using a local antennaPBS

local antenna with motor and pre-amp

Today, in most major market's (City) one of the old channel's is now X5 more local channels. Here, ATSC is bringing you the highest qualities and more of the program's and highest rated time of day programs, and programming you deserve and want to watch.

The live games in pro and college of course are here; as well as the $ FOR LOCALLY CARRIED In the US, FOR US local people; the highest dollar advertising and highest rated programming (the bestest).

In rural area's the new and old local channel's are building many more tower's (repeaters) to serve area's far away from local signal reception of major rating's better; because the area's have grown to "carried" status with new studio design (and additional area's deemed non-major:. These are area's the major's, and now the newer multi-channel's they have avail. get to broadcast digitally for; and free to air antenna aim at their towers, adding million's more FTA viewer's and new digital channel's to the real rural area's people live in and serve the free tv they can now watch using a local antenna and a hdtv or stb for recording; home cloud. These area's were very hard to receive local channel's from in the past over long distances, and required the biggest antenna and high tower's to receive any of them (and still do). The new tower's make new directions for each area's coverage. Re-aiming your old antenna may be all you need to do. Their full signal is received at a shorter distance easily today, as is the design for local tv and radio growing the market.

*'90's Free To Air USA "Local Antenna" Market List and ranking of schedules where no rating is broken or ignored

For receiving local antenna channel's; a single direction to a local tower (normally mountain-top's) is all that is needed; and distance to the tower you want to receive determines the size and type (gain of a certain signal in a single direction) of local antenna needed to receive it. More than one local signal direction or freq. of broadcast; then omni-directionals (multi); or multi-antenna are needed. Commercially, when used; the Established rate is paid.

When smaller antenna do not receive well enough; larger antenna; or longer range sized and typed for multiple kind's of signals and ranges are needed.  antennaweb .  org is a great online local antenna size and type selection tool; setting direction of local signals and size of the antenna required; a known standard in local broadcasting using just your zip code. Yes, a local antenna can be as big as 10 feet in length since a TV was invented and can require up to a 30 foot tower for use to obtain LOS.

Even just a wire in the city, bare; outside aimed. Use a 3' piece of coax with 2 connectors. Using the worst connector, cut/slice/remove the outside of the cable and outside mesh/foil of and connector and remove all of it, leaving the bare copper core at 6" length, not allowing these "two pieces of wire" (the outside to the inside) to touch each other; hook the other connector using f-81 barrel connector to HDTV or dongle to or atsc stb tuner. It is the shape and shape to the wire (the shaped to a T is di-pole); and what shape and size (length 1" x 3) that u can make from this bare wire that determines what will work if you id horizontally line of site towers using the top of the T; but the coax must never short out. This device, when outside and located for reception works when plugged into any US digital/analog device that tunes ATSC/NTSC signals.

FROM THE NEW HDTV product's  new hdtv mounting free tv alsoglorystar system
To the old Antenna 10 foot local antennafor reception of nasa multi-channel's for free big dishes with c bandfor reception of nasa multi-channel's for free big dishes with c bandc band since '61amplified 4008 local VHF/UHF antenna picturespecial remote for macro'smini-pointspll321s-2_1501.jpgpll321s-2_1501.jpgremote functions throughout a gome

Comparing cost's of installing your own Home Theatre/Control/Satellite/Local/digital/Network "System"; or adding to the System of equipment you already have; or only paying for HDTV programs and features (via cable, satellite, internet); buying the equipment for free HDTV channel's (starts at$200-$300 equipment cost plus installation delivered); compared to the cost ($180 mo.+cellphone) of cable/internet/phone/ alarm Services that do not work/serve/help or provide any services or reception without a monthly cost, compared to free tv services available in/at your home. ONLY Pay TV System (leased equipment/channels/features high cost; high quality and the features part of their services fee Cable or Satellite TV cost averages after customer order of channels per month cost = if $180 mo. = 1 yr. 12x180 = $2160. Batching was illegal, but many people in rural area's pay for any services they can get and when you combine internet and phone and pay tv; it is $300-$500 per month on average (rent/home not included); in the City, Cable companies batch at $180.00 for phone/internet/tv; on average. 1 yr. 12x180 = $2160 ); 1 yr. 12x$500 = $6000 (Pay TV and Services only - satellite tv only! After 10 years (w/o costs rising) you can buy a home/2nd home with the money ($) you save = $21,600 or $60,000; if you just cancel pay tv servicer's (Cable or Satellite or Internet) for the 10 years you want to save $; and their equipment in your home is removed; after buying and setting up your own fta equipment. The system then combines all types of free to air services and the equipment types and companies that try to liken their ability to serve legal free tv channel's; and locally add to to orihinal's "National Broadcast Co. Universal" or "American Broadcast Co." or "Public Broadcast System" and "FOX" or "Continental Broadcast System" and many other's; provide the free tv program's the best in the US and locally; plus the many other Satellite TV Fta channels. Internet TV Free to air channels are also available with the remote on your HDTV as is reception of Free WiFi; making the S in the truck/motorhome/auto e.can look for Free WiFi on the road via their HDTV (like a laptop) inside the free to air STB.

C band 1.2 DISEqC controller's for actuator's/motor's/ polar mount's

c + ku band onlybig dishes vbox 7 is big dish moveractuator arms

Multi-satellite reception allows more channels to choose from! Motor's on any dish allow all you can receive from you are just a spot on the map. As you now see satellite dishes as small as 6 or 8 inches in size; minimum sizes from 48" to 10' are required for free to air C+Ku 3.7-4.2 and 11.7-12.2 band's that are in Studio's throughout the America's and Worldwide. Original outerspace band's have been since the 60's and the space race; or Clarkes Arc, where the bands are located has already been there working @.999 for over 40 years; US Law allows private/public ownership of this original satellite technology/dish since 1979.

Multi-satellite reception using (1) dish for the most satellite channel's using no motor is the designed apparatus; or selectable immediate switch is the first 1-4-5 seconds for lock (digital signal's have a light that "locks" onto channel tp's (meter for your cellphone can be used for each satellite needs a programmer to make it easier); then the pictures are each channels received fta digitally. This is then automatically shown using the STB's as fta cable tv for hdtv's.

6 bracket's X 2 + 12X2 LNBf = 24 satellites from (2) sides one dish; this is not easy, but available from a statically mounted upside down (horizontally mounted plate to accrue aim and elevation) dish if you learn not to shadow from a dish plate's aiming ability! The dish installation and lnbf mount really needs to be designed upside down for the least shadowing (so the assembly does all pointing using the middle of the dish). This is the hidden technology nobody ever tried before (no, it has been accomplished before).


MANY C Band (since '61 3.7-4.2 Ghz. @4/5=80% .999) the larger satellite dish has never had a better value (a new one still cost's $1000's at 10'); for the channel's today number to over 500 FTA w/ c/ku lnbf and over 50 satellites using a motor; all kind's and type's of satellites are acquired by using X2 lnbf (C+KU) and H/V typed linear signal in US Standard 5150 /10750 LO.; digital signal reception; with dolby and AAC encoding; on one bigger 6-12 foot dish. Commercially, when used; the Established rate is paid.

C+KU USA channel's in English

*C/KU Band Motorized Digital FTA reception in the US

KU only USA channel's in English

*KU Band Free To Air digital Satellite channels List

C+KU USA channel's in 'espanol

*C/KU Band Free To Air digital satellite tv channels List in Spanish / Latino / Portuguese espanol Languages available in the United States and throughout North America


Site Survey basic's - some tool's to learn about how Communication Reception Devices work

Your home is located as a "spot" in the U.S. (GPS spot you live/receive from) that determines what channel's are available whether by satellite or locally received. How you can set-up a satellite and local antenna system within your property is what the site survey is about; so let's get started.

Installation of satellite and local antenna system's for free to air digital or otherwise channel's has been accomplished for many year's. The Science and physical properties are based on Communication reception of directional gain antenna product's as a complete system with all parts you need; designed to make it easy to use and accomplish with just a few simple tool's. Every bit of the information required is provided Online by / / who also have and sell free to air installation kit's with all the part's you need to accomplish it at your home legally; and is Satellite TV (microwave) technology of today from yesterday, as well as Communication's today of Legal Free TV channel's. This is the reward of owning satellite technology legally in the United States and is the public's space in outerspace that work's for and by the people of the US and was built by these United States for communication's freely progressed into and is a right of free speech to see and hear from who Broadcast's Digital Free to air HDTV in the United States of America...

1) Where can the dish/ant. be located to receive the channel's you want? Each dish/lnbf must point perfectly without obstruction to the satellite/satellites you must receive the channels from.

2) How will the coax then get/extend to each room? Each satellite dish can be hooked via coax to as many hdtv as you want, each room gets a satellite receiver and a cable from the dish.

FTA) list of channel's wanted/must have and their broadcast standard 2) where those channel's are located in direction and distance from your property (and AZ/EL of each satellite desired channels are on); of both local and satellite fta channel's.

3) These then determine every part of the system; and how each serve the room's the channels you want. Basically, it is a free to air cable system that has been designed to make it easy for you to realize an installation of a satellite dish you own at your home and control of it is accomplishment of the physic's of lighting; your own pictures on a screen and free tv on your HDTV.

The installation of owned equipment for free tv reception is the invention of the tv; and has progressed into thousand's of freely received HDTV channel's with parentally rated controlled "program's" to watch. The channel's and programming have an amount of time they have provided these free to air programs; and have maintained them as made for "anybody". 

A) Where you live in the US determines what satellite channel's (and where the satellites are located in direction and elevation from horizontal that you can receive as well as the size of dish and band's they receive is 50x1gig each satellite type (C/Ku) in space); and local channel's that are available (have i mentioned this?); and where the antenna (satellite and local) must be located within a property that allow you to receive them.

These are determined with just online information using the manual (an inclinometer and a compass at the same time); and then applied for your location on earth compared to where the signal's needed are at in relation to the signals receiver/antenna of them. The angle measurement of elevation is stamped in steel on the satellite dish and the angle is seen as signals with it; which are available for satellite antenna system's; but you first determine it "virtually" using angle measurement's (my cell uses appl. inclinometer) for elevation angle measurement a line across the edge of the cell phone for el calc and "how to use a compass" for az as the direction from true south (magnetic deviation must be removed from the compasses magnetic direction it reads naturally, which is geo data today using roadmap called geographic data is close) at the same time (AZ/EL); and can be compared from the spot on the map live from your satellite dish at your home (people even add-on this way using IP or film their installation for/as ad); online azimuth elevation angle calculation. US use is aiming at a CONUS (Nationally progressed signals) Geo-synchronous satellite; the direction the satellite dish needs to aim.

No reception of any channel you want is gaurenteed to be received via satellite tv or local reception without first checking the different direction's and ability to receive any certain signal from where you live using the system installed at your home or business. is a great local antenna tool; setting direction of local signals and size of the antenna required; a known standard in local broadcasting. 

Design of your antenna system depends on the many factors involved in Communication System design; the channel's and programming you get to watch for free is the reward.

Satellite TV channel's are received from satellite directionals (above the horizon and south from the US or north from Austrslia etc.); local channel's come from horizontal directions and distances.

For satellite reception, linear signals require skew for reception also; while circular signals do not need this "extra" setting applied to the dish/lnbf combo. Multi-satellite reception requires an ellipse (type of curve the dish must see) at the distance of 22k miles to be followed or aimed at. This ellipse is called Clarkes Arc because he wrote about how it could work before they (NASA-US) actually accomplished it. The dbs company dishes turn their dish to this type of "skew" or curve for up to 5 different satellite the dishes aim at. Satellite TV System's with motor's have been moving across the arc of satellites since the '60's for ALL 50 US Satellites in space, outerspace.

FTA installer's can mount their dish upside down or sideways comparitively; or even skewed like dbs; and as long as the many lnbf's (or the one you have already marked on the dish as "center of dish @ xx elevation for it AZ") are aimed at offset to the middle of the dish (without any of them shadowing any signal from another or each other (blocking signal from); only metals/woods/greens (yes even grass blocks signals); they would need to avoid aiming through towers also or tall buildings makes southerly's; snow; rain; ice) they can actually receive 20 or more satellites with 20 lnbf's aimed. If I told you why they can and what the assembly looks like, you would say they did not know what they were doing because of the designer's design. It is just that they designed their dish and their directions manual upside down.

Using a satellite tuner outside and learning how a dish aim's plus scanning in channel's;; using a local ATSC tuner outside (a hdtv); and scanning in local channel's; gives you the best location of the signals; for your new System; by "testing directional gain antenna" for those spots within a property that can receive the signals; and you live as the cable gal/guy from the different spots within your property.

After you have found the location that work's for the channels you want; the work begins. Coaxial cables that extend from each antenna have max. distances available to each tuner of them. This means amplification is required for longer lengths in coax. Local antenna signals for the hdtv tuners require the same thought and process to keep every hdtv in the house with both local and satellite.

If the channels you want will scan by your receiver from the satellite dish aimed; is the definition of "how it works" as a system with reception in mind of the correct aimed points in the sky.

A motored satellite dish follows a curved line; an ellipse located from each property in the US; and none of the satellite directions can be blocked by terrestrial features of its view of space. This is the reception of EVERY SATELLITE available; over 50 to choose from. This dish must be set perfectly to follow the USAL's (math) curve using the assembly to aim at every point on the ellipse.

Because a satellite dish that does not move must aim/point to a single spot in the sky (Azimuth/Elevation) for each "lnbf" in the system; un-blocked as if it was seeing a laser beam from space they also depend on satellites they can receive channels from. This directional line is for each satellite you want to receive; and the angle that must have no tree's or buildings, or "matter" other than air in each of the directions (this is not a debate).The rules for a satellite dish to receive any signals is only a clear viewing by the dish without obstructions will allow it to work. A motor on a satellite dish requires the entire area in front of it to the south, and east and west to be clearly viewed or received from. A satellite dish that points to only one satellite (I.E. galaxy 19@97W); only needs a single direction clear. has all of the satellites you can receive from online here.

A local antenna may/must (for local channels) also be chosen for every channel and every hdtv or one outside (even the pld one from the 60's) many times towers and larger antenna receive the most if over 30 miles even with-out line of site to the tower (a clear path) 1)size 2)distance to tower; for the channels you want (am/fm too); and signals either work or do not work if distances to mountain tops or hatt's cannot be aquired because of blockages like hill's or valley's cause; which is loss of gain in a direction, or ability to gain; the required level of signal for those desired. This means some blockage still allows tower reception as analog devices and signals always work when the signals are weak; but there is noise (today noise is a level to "digital"); but you must be able to accrue "gain in a direction" with the correct antenna for the direction needed or used.

B) How many room's do you want the channel's in; what equipment is in each; and what needs do they each have? What services are you keeping; what are you replacing or adding it for? Which channel's do you want? If you must have any one channel, which ones are must haves and which ones can you miss? For both satellite and local antenna channels, two cables (coax) are used. Amplifier's, modulators; and the like are the same as yesterday. These are now in digital mode, same flavor.

C) Any Free to Air equipment can be added for additional channel's; or as backup and a part of Commercial studio input (digital began here); this type of System is normally seperated only by the equipment and wiring that provides the free tv channel's.

Use Free to Air TV reception devices: on the internet your Android quad core in STB (remote has 6-axis motion det. and microphone making a game machine; and even a sports machine); and tuner's for satellite and local and internet (software antenna)FTA channels (US is DVB-S2 and ATSC and IP :: reception formats) received at home networked. Watching, using, controlling your"video/audio system everywhere" using another item you own and pay for internet use ona Android cellphone w/lollipop; and using the opensource project kodi (communication/networking) + opensource project OPENelec (remote control of Home - lights on/off/dim; motor curtains; servo/mag motor door/entry gate; security; sensors;) at your "internet" home "computer" yours; (opensource project; LINUX of today); today you can like you have since 1992. Free to air product's made for US use have no way to charge you for recording, pausing, or rewinding, or watching it on your cellphone; nor for receiving free to air channels. That is why they are based on open source programming; that is if a "you channel" wants toprovide themselves for free; or if it is a Law about those who already broadcast free to air via satellite, or internet, or locally; they can be received by anybody who wants to use FTA the same with their own antenna; IT to even see; allow you your free tv you provide is your own (and the remote control you use takes control of any device you own); DVD or fta channels tunin'; or for also seeing pay tv channels that are at your home (Home Theatre). Anybody else can also watch your tv you provide to them; with your cell or IT if you let them the entire system could actually be given to alien's and they now watch your tv and change the channels but remember; you buy and maintain the system and network yourself (pay themulti-2x$$$ internet is into the 1k and above per month in data cost for use; also is the addressing required in IT). And you are who does provide your transmission to yourself and it is yours by Law. And you can even watch your camera's live where they are (like from a drone with remote :: kids toy today); From here it is a fine science as NASA is remote controls+ if you hook them up to the "internet" there (even in business or 2nd home/space of your own).

Features on any device that work as a "HDTV" are free no charge "features" that provide you with open-sourced receptiveness; like recording, ff to live, rewind to begin, keep in vault, play @ 6 pm, cellphone ability, service/warranty portioning; these are 10-$20-30 per month to service you as an account. Free to air rules the waves; easily.

ALL of these channel's below are legally received FTA (free to air) digital satellite (DVB-S/S2) C+KU BAND or local antenna (ATSC) channel's received since digital in English from within the USA.

Heroe's and decades; APTN (AP? trans-network? News Co. feed); ESPNradio; a lot of radio is digitally received nationwide, Bloomberg feed; Political feeds from as many sides, even Canada (Countries) and live story follow's laws/ways/means/culture of programming shown (for multi-languages in the US only); the Countries that are sending "TV" do have "controls" as many immigrants consider most from their old country they know is a Gov. controlled TV; in the US their TV channel's are not controlled by the government's nor provided by any Governed source. They can also tell, or understand the difference of these typed channels provided to US viewer's of "languages".

When we broadcast to other's; Countries nearby and afar they are paid to be carried, or shown, in those countries (plus International Long Distance), our multi-cultural type's (movies industry); channel's made to serve/allow/get payed for they are also provided on U.S. satellite CHANNELS IN ENGLISH of which we advertise on; to the Countries of this Channeling $$$ Australia, Russia, Canada, ASIAN in many other's also; Japan (they all pay for our's and send theirs receiving money for their pay tv channel's to be carried in the US (shown). This is the censorship of TV; or information; or those programming which apply the accepted or non-acceptable rules governments of other Countries use as Comm. Law. Here, we do not Censor, we Rate them as Genre, time of day ratings go through many channels that are considered free tv in the US and R is as raw as it gets. Pay per view then is allowed to AO or X ratings also; but not on free tv channels for our "general public" or free to air channel's (if they provide the rated programming to them, it is a re-broadcast, the broadcaster of the programming or "production" pays for the rated material first knowing it will not be rated ever R, or break any R rating). Live material; or produced for tv (hdtv); then is the present rating of the broadcaster themselves and cannot break those either. Re-rating of programs and shows are done with bleeping; or outing the offensive materials.

Justice Dept. ad channel (Department's in Federalism, like AFN); The Pentagon Channel; "The Olympic's 2016"; Jewish Life, CCTV News Channel in English+their Art's likened to Science Channel in Chinese w/subtitling language support; tuffTV; Classic Arts Showcase, Gem Shopping Network; The MET live (Sat.), reelz, Pursuit, Horse racing, multi-racing motorcycle/car/truck feed's; 24 hr. a day NASA Media, Education, Mission and HD, + feeds; REV'N; retrotv and PBS HD, World, Kids, Vme (Vme kids); Create; NHK World+feed's; RTnews America+multi RTV; Horse / cattle auction, Veterans Affairs Knowledge Network; Patient Channel; TCT Kids; TCT; BYU and their feeds; lotta news feeds; College Sports Television (CST)sports feed's of so many even LOCAL ANTENNA CHANNELS; and many satellite fta FOX feeds; NBC feeds; ABC feeds; CBS feeds; PBS or their feeds via FTA Satellite dish plus Independents; the Industry is Commercial Delivery of every high dollar/cost channel also direct from the channel Commercially in the past and today very specially delivered wirelessly and Nationwide; making easy access to the best tv money can buy delivery (COM), of them ALL downloading occur's type data rate means real fast real wide; real heavy and over 5MB (8x5Mb) is actually running at over 2 Gig in width for each satellite in newer designs. THEY ARE IN ORIGINAL FORMATS AND NEW FORMATS OF HD VALUE and many auction's Cutlery Corner, HSNQVCSHQP, shopNBCAAN, Perry's Estate Jewelry, Jewelry TV, PersianBazaar; or goin'' live sales; lotsa ION Kids, ION East, and ION+, ION HD West; other's have the old favorites MASH, Maude, The Lone Ranger, movies and new movies (releases and types for $) can be those who broadcast to everybody in the US LOCAL market or sell their series to high bidder's or other channels; as producer's have many valued properties adding for satellite deliver's ANYWHERE IN US/CANADA/MEXICO for NA. And like METV and COZI or CW; who are now additional real local channel's digital today; plus the local gov. (STATE) channel's like AK. WA.; FL. and CA. your local cable co. has; plus the University associated (WA., CA. etc.) lotsa national beams - PBS LA. or OK.; AMI (new descriptive service channel for the blind); Canadian TV (CTV); French Atlantic time zone CTV; and Political feed's from US Cities and live news trailer's/trucks galore for current events...Galaxy 19 @ 97W  over 70 Christian channels by Glorystar; channels of UHD and 3D (Comm. delivery); digital audio began here and is here FTA as is CC and latin channels; EWTN X 6 + Vatican radio, in different languages and definitions plus feeds; channel's pre-viewed as "originated" in programming and syndication (these are very special feeds); Lottery feeds from multi-States; and a new type of game feed from Canada; this list has grown to many Free To Air channels; via C Band and Ku Band free to air reception.

Look at all the satellite tv products available for owners of a big dish

"The hobby" is highly valued and cost pretty pennies ($10,000's in the Commercial World) to $100's to start.

Make your home into a Free to Air HDTV System; for your smartphone to watch and control your space in your home. Using the (3) antenna combo system; the wiring in your home; and IP, DVB-S2, ATSC tuning at Studio level (design of HDTV system); each HDTV "mod" is tuned for your HDTV; and your cellphone watching it is also the remote control.

Channel's other than the Glorystar FTA package can also be installed and programmed using new or old Satellite dishes, LNB's, LNBf's, switches, coax, multi-sat aiming products and their GEOSATpro HDVR3500 receiver for IPTV. The satellite names and directionals to point the c band or ku band equipment are online here. My list of FTA channels includes many C Band and Ku Band satellite's and channel's from the west coast of the US that broadcast in english anybody can watch for free; legally.

In today's Studio satellite tv with Mr. Geo-Synchronous and the reception of the FTA channels; list on for satellites are worldwide around earth stations and area's Continentally; from your gps is 50 when motoring in the US fta 50 satellites in the USA (50X2 gig site survey for satellites received fta)  C+KU Band US 3.7-4.2+11.7-12.2 points into the sky and plucks channel's for the HDTV instead of bird's (newest to the oldest) is many satellites;;; multiple;;; and the next right to own your own space is shown on; you get to receive and watch for free because they are Free to air; where as Local reception is horizontal aimed waving you must aim the correct antenna at to receive them; at the tower's required also within the "new" digital world and Commercially public space since the 60's then satellite tv went ro the publicthat paid for the space in outerspace; and in 1979 anybody can own a satellite dish just like the cable companies do  (not just one entity, singular's monopolistic or governments); to receive free tv or otherwise is what made some channel's mad as the cable lawyer made localities new channel's as pay only (owned by the cable company) using digital microprocessor (digital) as a technology claiming ?; newest cable is the glass, newest satellite homes mount satellite dishes inside their home because they get to own a satellite dish and box whether the neighbors want them to or not; or the liven' an RV life using a motor; where inside is out a "window" or "dome"; covered (not seen); and Art; wired for their HDTV, and located outside if/when a tower (high mounting) installation is needed/req. for they all must "see" the space they use fta/pay (satellite and local equipment owners program their own); live! As "I" have said before, when the CB was invented even the inventor's did not know the antenna points straight up if the antenna is straight up! Today the motor still moves a satellite dish (and camera's) to the Free to Air HDTV channel's. How it work's via satellite or locally and the why it work's is your own remote control for every last channel is free to be received local antenna and nationwide coverages in satellite tv the CONUS BEAM is original green beam (Nationally services Continent's) where the internet was in '76-86 combined with the phone booth reality; up to touch tone typing (then modem) for transmit was using a phone wire (send) and we used a C Band receive only dish @50 megabit per channel cont. no speed traps (unlimited); lower power than a lite bulb @60 watts. Where DBS+Internet+cell is x50 or about 3000 watts when max. rated (enough to transmit at full capac.). Microwave ovens are rated no higher; and cook food.

If you want free tv in the U.S.; you must own and use your own antenna system hooked to your own hdtv / display / tv. The same antenna equipment made since the 60's work's today; and that is what the law is, as well as ratings which control what programs are allowed to be shown at any hour in time (the law's free to air hdtv channel's cannot break, or not follow). Pay TV only, or Cable Law; is different only that you pay for any other rating other than law's "free tv" provided channel's are required to follow. These rated program's then are allowed to be shown in your home and because you payed what the channel wants; they provide their program's with different "time rated" broadcast by subscription only. You control what is allowed also by cost and parentally (allowed programming in the US for private use is ALL RATINGS) just like the fact you have total control still of what is shown in your home. However, since 1979; and then 1981 via new satellites with KU band; free tv in the US added satellite tv signals as those signals in the US that are free to be received using "satellite technology". This was called a Cable Monopoly break-up law; and basically said that The Cable Industry (just a few corp.) had monopolized the Satellite TV industry (not allowing ownership of any satellite tv product or technology, nor any growth of the Industrial production of satellite tv product's; and anybody in the US can buy and own a satellite dish and the receiver (tuner) of these channel's, and anything it receive's for free is legal because of it; just like the cable companies buy the satellite gear to provide their services; so can the general public in the US buy satellite gear and watch tv for free (they do not have to pay the cable companies to watch tv). What is told to Consumer's today by "digital" Corporate DBS and Internet and Pay only TV companies is your right to own the technology they make you pay for, satellite or otherwise received many channel provider minds; "their channel's they provide" and the equipment (receiver) no consumer can own (because it is theirs) and that they do not own "new outerspace" satellites or "their" satellite technology which they say they give you for free (a dish and lnbf that only works if you pay them is what they give you you can own; which then they get payed for only their packages of large amount's of channel's they "can provide" for not letting you get provided any free tv channel's (and they can turn any channel on or off, or make you pay to replace the equipment that does what they now charge for in "features", like your old vcr or old dvr does/can do today. They then program the oblique; or control; what you get to watch (and how you watch it) depending on what you have paid them only (remember the off button) plus are the definition of a monopoly again which is because they (only 2 DBS satellite tv corp. in US; only paid programming per larger pak's mentality) and have made you pay more and more for anything they sell in replacement of "their owned old technology" and you do not get to own the upgraded versions either. Free tv channel's only control the programming they provide to be what is allowed at what time, for anybody in the USA; and also gives you the rating and program info freely right on your HDTV so you know what their programs are rated. All free tv equipment (A HDTV tuner is ATSC for the USA; a satellite tuner is DVB-S2 for the USA); is owned and programmed by the owner. All Pay TV equipment is owned by somebody else, and programmed by somebody else. Multi-channel's of each FREE TV channel name are now available, provided by channel's for multi-genre/multi-audience's of their program's. Three channel's (3) by NASA; one being tested in UHD (HEVC) on satellite SES 3 103W in MPEG-4; plus has IPTV Media/Public/HD fta programming; and is a Free to air broadcast accessed via a big satellite dish. Who watched the 2016 World Series FOR FREE; who watched the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2016 Super Bowl FOR FREE; they watched it with their local antenna; 5-10 second's earlier than everybody else; and they recorded/paused/rw for free if they wanted to with 1TB of their own space; using up to 30 foot tower's! Works with VR or biggest screens and now UHD... How to notice, every old channel from 30 channel cable of the 70's is now many different channels from each (serving genre typing of themselves), their productions, onto your HDTV. (3) NASA channel's; (5) ION; (5) ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS/FOX; (7) Discovery; (70) Free to air Satellite Christian channels; (100) digital radio; (100) NEW NAMES OF CHANNEL'S every year (and 100 less); (7) Disney; (10) HBO; etc. and really so many duplicates and re-produced channels for pay tv reaches into other Countries (they make them into their languages from our channels) for in their countries they get their version (1000's); that nobody has "all" of the channel's available. Any Free to air dish (satellite tv) does! Satellite TV today is told to you via packager's; who all re-broadcast "their" paks via the deviced satellite receiver programs which are ALL PAY TV ONLY (they have the off button) cable packs using their STB they control; and must be for channels they "carry" and must carry major's is cable only (Direct Broadcast Services [satellite] are not under these Cable Co. law's and do not have the EBS equipment, nor must carry LAWS that provide the local ads; and put in ads of their own about how they make you pay for these typed chnnels instead); and do not have to carry any other local channel that has been added in and for your area's; and are very slow in adding any new channel's especially the free ones you can choose to receive for free. Look at how many here which shows all packages available of all pay tv only servicers in the US (signals of basically re-broadcaster's that require a certain monthly fee for their broadcast's of channel pak's only). The range of fee's is wide; and the US sells to other Countries who have different laws and "ratings systems"; who also have free tv and Communications Laws that allow many pay channels from the US to be received for free (via a satellite dish).they ALL must work together "digitally"; period; and they must be manufactured for U.S. use only (format of signal's received) and only 110/220 vac.

FTA (Free to air only) reception equipment is bought / owned / installed / programmed / designed for each local area - Local (Terr. ATSC/FM/AM) and Satellite (DVB-S/S2) and IP (software). Watch the free tv channel's for free. 

Home design's include AM/FM/ATSC/Satellite Antenna and full digital stereo gear with at least 1 satellite dish (inside or outside mounting depends on size of antenna and avail. window type for receive only).

IP growth in rural area's only adds to wireless coverages is today's additional bandwidth for an area model; satellite (microwave) radiation level's in the area's en-mass are very high and bi-directionals; but only cable or satellite hdtv system's designed for reception only (and local antenna) emit no radiation. The high bandwidth of their satellite dish as download only is what nobody can touch and the higher powered satellites make it easy for themselves to het in your space their signals (dbs penetration of rural market). The V-roadcaster (cellphone and standard camera) is any "broadcast" by a broadcaster and who is responsible for the level of radiation allowed/controlled/licensed by the FCC and through association, wireless electricity is a stretch (where they all get along).

USA Broadcasting for FTA receive only; using one 36 inch satellite dish with linear lnbf that is aimed at one satellite, G19 Ku 11.7-12.2 GHz; for over 200 free to air channels; now with internet tv. Many languages to choose; from the many religion's of the World broadcast here free to air. 

The many Churches, Religion's; Cult's; Countries of the World will not show the Religion's of North American or South American Indigenous "human" multi-Tribes or even their old ways of life. I do not wonder why anymore. A BUD (C Band satellite dish) is not required for them to watch tv; but free to air Tribal channel types that do exist on C Band, the big ugly dish throughout North America (and on and programming). They have only proven they came and conquered what they wanted first; and are counting on the losses to keep what they have because of it (because they did it militarally is the number of what they destroyed and then valued as their own design of law and culture and look of the lands used for todays production of what they did).

List of PowerVu VU+ auto-roll pay tv only channel's and PPC; (pay-per-channel) tech for must haves in channel selection/selectors

Do you get told that BUD's are a thing of the past; when really, way over 200 channels are available for Free (worth Million's, they also sell themselves as pay tv only channel's in other provider system's), not requiring any payment for their monthly viewing; and include channel's sold by cable timewarner/cox/comcast/etc. and pie dish directv dish network companies in the USA; that you get to receive, record; rw; ff; and pause; for free?

 wavy drawing of offset lnbf design

Have you noticed that your TV packages are getting more costly; and you even pay for recording and other features; or that their dish is getting bigger; and no channels can be received without their monthly payment for any of them (and even the locals cannot be bought one at a time))); or that you no longer own "receiver's" and "features" like a HD DVD recorder or Satellite box has had since equipment release; and cannot install it yourself to enjoy if you want even though you own the actual dish, but not the box>..and has no FTA feature or tuner of anything called an fta.

Do you want Free TV program's, advertiser supported TV, rated for time of Broadcast channel's; NEW channels and Live TV and channels you cannot receive any other way?

What the asteric's (* or **) means 

Download page - files and types are equipment specific since 1976 from my cloud; the computer (microprocessor) is the way digital allows programming or produces it today...

The DBS Co's directv/Amazon/DISH/Netflix/Hulu you're dis'n does a site survey; installation; and location of the wires/coax/mount/or just internet equipment (and if satellite) to receive their privately owned 99/101/103W +110/119 or 72.5/75/77 mega-wave16g satellites) with/for all (4-18) receiver's they install is very close to the best spot (if not the best their satellite is 2 degree's east of 99W) for a Glorystar install to take place; and the dish spot they install CAN BE USED FOR G19 97w if the fta dish will work from their post/cable ... Their equipment is your's only after 2 yrs. or early temination fees are paid. If they are on/in your home and you are not paying for them anymore; use them instead after you send them their equipment (the receiver's and the LNBf's that are mounted to system while contract is being enforced or is during the time you use them and the contract you are on). The wiring they have installed on/in your home; according to them and their work; is worth only a $750.00; the # of receiver's (HDTV's they hook to via hdmi) are the returned item worth how many you have in your home (4=2100; etc. which is theirs or owned by themselves in your home) of your monthly payments during the term of the contract (the early termination (or refusal of service by demanding receiver's return) fee is based on this "value" they have added to your home). After the Contract is fulfilled (payed); the installed coax and mount/dish is your's. The dish they use must be taken down and replaced with your NEW FTA dish. Their cables can be used if they go directly to the room's (remove all SW/split's/duplex) you had their receivers in. Dish Network installations point their dish to 110/119/129 or 61.5W/69.5/77.5 West depending on your location on earth. however. If the NEW fta dish can be aimed to 97W without obstruction from their installed dish spot; their CABLES/post can be used also. Many of the older dishes/lnbf's as a combo can be used for FTA reception; they must be min. 24" dish with the linear lnbf centered the parts used; mostly Commercial typed installation's. These system's are the building owner's asset and are usually being used for private cable in buildings (leave these type systems alone as the operator knows what they do, they pay the rent); and if they are no longer "hooked" to the buildings coax system; they can be used after the building owner allows it. Free to air satellite tv and local reception equipment has been sold in the US since a TV was invented; and will continue to provide the best programs and programming FOR FREE (Pro Football and College Sports also)!

Today's TVRO (television receive only equipment) is Free or Pay TV in the USA digital hdtv local antenna and HD cable box and HD satellite dish and HD FTA channel's; DVB-S/S2 and ATSC and WIFI are basically digital standards of broadcasting in the USA allowed and controlled locally. Choose all you can receive with FTA you are the buyer and owner of the equipment for receiving Free to Air HDTV reception (included with a HDTV today is a ATSC tuner inside; + 10/100t+hdmi+va is how the remote and picture work for you) -- 

Using ATSC modulation:

In today's home cable/hdtv modulation standard is the ability for the HDTV to tune Digital cable or ATSC seperately. If sold in U.S., only ATSC tuning is required because cable tv is not free, and ATSC is. A correct tuner for ATSC cable for the home/business is built into every TV/HDTV made for the US market. To make your own cable system from your home wiring is still just as easy; and the new ATSC modulator's only today cost to $1,500 each; as did good cable boxes in the old days. Each mod can then "serve" your home onto your "HDTV". These type items (caller id; picture from certain camera; front door chime; notice, light's outside are now on; intruder alert; heart rate 75norm;), then become your displayed true HD pictures sent to the HDTV by you. Then the system can also be whatever devices you want to control (like looking as your RC airport [[drone camera of your own space]] in the back yard); or have "receive the function" the emails are meant for like calendar alerts (appointments); or invitation's accepted here; or sales of Zzz but "hdtv" mods. And you want to own your own space in virtual reality is also a game machine; and the people that do not see your real home automation; or real place in your own home is where you are at and the hdtv mods are added to the way you want to have and see YOUR SPACE; you are recording; then the phone rings; the sensor alert system (but not the Emergency Alert System) is the alarm that will go off very loud locally in the System; and it is alerting.

Here for free tv/hdtv/uhd programming is received via Local (Terr.) and Satellite (DVB-S/S2) and IP (software) communication's in the USA. The Laws of each Country for Communication's are programming and reception based electrical product's that say what is allowed at what time; and how it is rated as Words and Actions into your brain. These programs then are either allowed or not allowed; and ratings can be applied for showing how long the programs run, each; and whether they are fiction or non-fiction (or VR); or have broken time zone language/sexual/violence typed rates. Watch the 2017 Super Bowl for free; watch the 2016 Olympic's in Rio de for Free; watch your internet on your biggest HDTV; put the camera on the HDTV also; and caller id; then listen to the digital audio roar. Yes, you can! Using ATSC modulation. If you looked into the sky with a satellite antenna there are over 50 satellites 24 hrs. per day, with FTA program's, and even if there are only 5-10 channels of free tv on each; that is 250-500 more free tv channels. And in fact, there are thousand's today (1,000's); with all the top names and rated program's for US viewer's. Only local antenna receive the best local program's for free (and Pro Football and "The Olympic's"). And sometimes, just a small piece of bare wire is all that is needed to be plugged into your HDTV's digital tuner. Your Emergency Broadcast System, and FM then works better this way, also.

TIPS from a Pro

Today, thousands of channels are free to air; from Pro and local rated Football games, to your wedding you just recorded and Maude, or The Lone Ranger and "the news"; programs sent to the public free to air many different ways; by many different people and businesses. They are the highest rated programming also, and carry the highest dollar advertising rates. Any TV/HDTV in the US has a tuner built-in for you to watch TV with an antenna; a local antenna from the City to the Suburb's. Other notable channels that are free to air are carried via a satellite dish and a STB (set-top box); and provide 100's more free to air channels; even thousands more. And using IPTV with Free to air in mind; another 10,000+ channels are added. How much more TV do you need?

Remember, channels received from National Broadcaster's can appear and disappear as they add or subtract channels designed for broadcast to their audience. Some of these channels listed may not be broadcast any more, and others may have appeared since this writing. I will try to keep it as current as possible.

Channels using a Free-to-Air C and/or KU Band Satellite System include many live sporting events; from Pro Football's Pre-Season games to all the different College sports events not on local or pay tv. Programs are sent to  broadcasters via live (only on when the event is happening) feeds found on randomly selected satellites and frequencies; as are live news feeds of major stories.

Those who like to search for live events and broadcasts love this "feature" of FTA use, because they can, using their remote control, search for the occasional and new channel programming broadcasts.
"Blind Scan, Blind Search, Smart Search, PowerScan, etc." are menu functions allowing FTA receiver owners to "look" at all frequencies a satellite has, to see if it is being used. These menu functions then "automagically" enter into memory the required parameters (Symbol Rate-SR, Frequency-FREQ, Program ID- PID, Video ID- VID, Audio ID- AID) so that they find new programs to watch on their televisions. The channels that show up are being broadcast only on that certain day at a certain time that they "blind scan" for them or are new 24 hr. broadcasters decisions and additional new channels or placements on a satellite of channels that move to newer or more locations within the satellite providers realm of broadcast.

Hidden technology today is their designed dish

directv and dish net installers cannot mount their dishes the way FTA installers/techs CAN (they already think they know why not) mainly because they have a multi-sat SWitched toroidial (square) type satellite dish; and fta installers have the parabolic (round) type of satellite dish! Ever wonder why their dish is getting bigger and bigger?

10 foot local antenna


And the facts stand; a Free To Air satellite dish (parabolic round) can be mounted upsidedown, sideways, layed on the ground (tie them down to your property); or on normal pipe straight up; and as long as the lnbf is on the halo and skewed, coma plugged, and center of dish aimed; the satellite meter and selection of the channels are the Origination Point of many signals; and the newer receiver's will scan any of these high power (C or KU Band) satellites in space!

NASA tAn antenna for both terrestrial, satellite; and now IP (internet protocol) TV using only software and the internet.pbs kidscreate_pbsv_me_tvocn_broadcasting_usv_me_kids.pngtelemundo_esteazteca_sietemi casa networksino_satellite_tvWorld Harvest TVsur_perumea TVtouch_vision_usSpanish languages are on big dishLA TVthe_africa_channel_us.pngNacion TV from Houstondfgsdfashion_one_euMulti-path via antenna ATSC digital local channel CBS Fox is a Free TV channel using a local antennaABC is a local Freely received channelCW is a Free TV channel using a local antennaNBC is a Free TV channel using a local antennaPBSpbs_hd_east producer PBS channeling0 CSTVClassic Arts Showcase is digital now on big dishpursuit_channelwillow_usquboPuerto, Rico and Jamaicawaoh_29_akronion_tv_plusion_lifetuff_tv_eastMeTVfree_speech_tv_uswapa_america50+ digital audio channel'sNashvillethe_patient_channel_ussmart_lifestyle_tvsmile_of_a_childinspiration_tv_usdare_to_dream_network3abn_englishthe_university_networkthe_church_channel_uschristian_tv_networklesea_broadcasting_network_usewtn_cashepherds_chapel_usthe_word_networkwbn_tv_usKnife shownsjewelry_tvshopping qvcshop hqpersian_bazaar_tvGemstone Shopping NetworkAAN what more can i say?TCTtct_kids_usgebzns_usfilm_on_tv_uson_tv_4utin tvlife church tvABC san juan, puerto ricoabc_news_oneIndependentFOXFlorida .govtvw_usPennsilvaniauniversity_of_washington_tvWatch it CA.

Hobbies using old NASA technology like radar (ascertained geography/telemetry), geo-synchronous satellites for comm. ( digital satellite is DVB-S/S2 ), local tv and radio (ATSC AM/FM), robotic's ( I/O ), and the remote control (STD i/o); are in Standardized Test pattern to live Broadcasting (DVB-S2 h.264 8psk+). Free electricity is a stretch. As a long term committed partner of digital satellite technologies and how a Samsung receiver is working in the USA today; the world has a round place to aim a satellite dish at; and has free tv and pay tv listings; they are a technology source for all them pay channel's as well as free tv program's in the U.S.; the only difference is where the Law is; and who provides it (free tv channel's have paid for or produced and have the rate of the program's they show; legally).

the satellite named spot in space
KU Band only LNBf .1/.2 db noise fig. are the best

NEW .2 db linear 



+ or add these as sidewinder Ku offset's with ku universal .2 db lnbf below and bracket above and this 1x4 1.0 DISEqC SW. This is by using the horizontal of the dish to aim the lnbf to another satellites reflection from a part of the dish called the toroidial area of azimuth reflections; located horizontally from any statically aimed dish plate/antenna is the azimuth with more than one satellite signal available at all times the dish plate does not move. The vertical area's of the dish plate is then the elevation's accrued at the same time depending on the reflections real angle received using a vertical/horizontal crossing the middle directional aim. Both vertically on a dish; and horizontally at the same time; plus only using the middle of the dish to aim across or accrue the satellites directional is how these work to receive 4 degree spaced satellites that are the same in bandwidth/type. Motoring is still less costly to put together all the satellites at offset will require 2 satellite dishes because the parts are only made to receive one satellite at a time for every satellite using a motor and assembly of a polar mount for every satellite; and use of 64 satellite type switches were not needed or used except to choose other new satellites called ku band in 1981. Multi-satellite reception uses switching system to make the newest STB satellite tuner work; and many STB (say 4) are inside the different room's of a house like cable tv...

Do not pay (0) money ($) to watch/record/review/receive satellite or local antenna hdtv programmingtoday, now; every free channel of old is more channel's, all rated and approved for the time of day in your home  free tv and home use only CC/secondary audio/The Emergency Broadcast System, Federal Law

A Satellite antenna made into a multi-satellite dish multi-fta channel; IPTV rated for USA Free to Air digital US Standard C + KU Band DVB-S2 controller remote network and local Antenna ATSC AM/FM

small dish or C+Ku LNBf  or Local HDTV antenna   or IPTV  stb for hdtv; and/or system parts or Installation / Repair / Services lnbf ku band  or Hobbies or install kit or diseqc 4x1 switch or powered 4x4 or any old 4x8 multi-satellite switch is old directv/DN sw; or ATSC diplexer; or DISEqC 1.18/16x1 SW or dual rg-6 OUTDOOR OR INDOOR or ku band lnbf linear universal and standard10750 L.O. or DBS/DTH (direct broadcast services to most any home in USA) or bud (big ugly dish for hundred's more fta channel's); an art of how it works and multi-sat offsetting using directional focus of the middle of a satellite tv dish (and each of today's offset dish design's are based on "first offset" using a stamped number on the dish for elevation).

The Satellite System receives all channel's free to air from one satellite aimed at, and is rated G tv for anytime of the day; free tv/hdtv on a HDTV. They had 720p tv channel's by 82? As a US DBS-200 channel Direct Broadcast Satellite that has Free to air in English programming sent to the entire US (and because the signals are Conus North America); Enlace, TBN, RT News, Daystar, CTN, EWTN, Hope, Juice, Smart Lifestyle, 3ABN, Word Network, His Word, His Light, Gods Learning Channel, Amazing Facts, Amazing Discoveries, Smile, Apostilistic Oneness, Proclaim, Inspiration, The Walk, and the rest of the new and old Christian TV channel's are also FTA, + the most Worldwide Free to Air of many other Countries, languages, or religions. And only using l gig of tv ; they invented Christian TV/HDTV/IPTV in their broadcast and genre, i call them g tv.

Digital Sound and pictures together were invented here, and there are many Free to Air Radio channel's and non-religous mainstream channel's you pay for on cable or satellite system's as subscription tv. All of their channel's debuted Free to air in '79/'80's through the '90's.are the encrypted or pay only original broadcast's by the channel's themselves via c band; and only a few companies do all the work and manufacturing cable equipment; monopoly. New cable system's manufactured today; commercial provider equipment for c band has many companies, from small to big; building them in the USA...They charge you for every use and feature the many consumer pay hdtv product's that receive only their signals.5g tv. After l96l, all satellite signal's that were, that are today digital signal's considered .999; are producer cut if pure free to air still today. In order to get the produced for HDTV/U; the programming and channel must be produced for it; and is satellite commercially today. These hidden signals are free tv (new channel's for competition here); and by subscription with any rating; broadcast in the usa. Genre without bias is pay tv only. My personal favorite channel is free tv provider PBS, who have kept their production level camera and hdtv purely, and the best produced picture in the land via c/ku band. Now, the NASA channel's live from space cam in UHD; that is another matter.

Multi-sat LNBf bracket; steel

mini-pointshow the mount looks adding lnbf'smulti-sat aiming using middle of reflector at offset for AZ/EL


mini-pointsmini-pointsmini-pointsmini-pointsmini-pointsmini-points +lnbf's

the satellite named spot in space

how to design your install

for reception of nasa multi-channel's for free big dishes with c band

And when I installed a big dish I installed many of them with motors, polar mounts, feeds; LNB w/sched. 40 pipe filled with concrete up o 20 bags concrete base; for all them channels were free to air using a big dish. i used a ten foot dish and after it was assembled without the lnbf; i would aim it straight up (flying saucer styled) and hook up the receiver/tv outside and offset to watch TV from any direction i wanted to see was clear of obstruction (buildings/tree's. if they bought a polar mount they could watch every channel FREE TO AIR, new or old (in the 90's they became popular among "the new channel's") as many cable companies added them to their high tier list and did not have as many channels as they have today using apping. Today, a big dish assembly/multi-sat can be built that will receive every DBS satellite, every KU Band satellite, and every C Band satellite; ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Believe me; the assembly and installation is pretty big.

mini-pointsmini-pointsmini-pointsmini-pointsmini-pointsmini-pointsmini-points +lnbf's $10 ea. satellite you want to receive

Many part's are available for multi-satellite reception without a motor, the bracket's; the LNBf's; the available switches; the satellite dishes; local antenna; all are available for installation at a home or business.ftasatellitedish

multi-switch is Free to air received; locking the lnbf to both polarities received; diplexer's are for local at the same time on a wire/coax

lot's of parts available for FTA multi-satellite reception

C+Ku Band lnbf w/22 khz. SW-allows second dish; or diseq SW; or dual band single satellite (2Gig in width) or motor A feed; LNBf; cost from 10k -> 1k -> 100 -> $50/10 during the past 40 years.

c + Ku with 22 khz. switch inside

c band since '6169.00, now 55.00

+ or add these sidewinder Ku offset's with ku universal .2 db lnbf below and bracket above and this 1x4 1.0 DISEqC SW. This is by using the horizontal of the dish to aim the lnbf to another satellites reflection from a part of the dish called the toroidial area of azimuth reflections; located horizontally from any statically aimed dish plate/antenna is the azimuth with more than one satellite signal available at all times the dish plate does not move. The vertical area's of the dish plate is then the elevation's accrued at the same time depending on the reflections real angle received using a vertical/horizontal crossing the middle directional aim. Both vertically on a dish; and horizontally at the same time; plus only using the middle of the dish to aim across or accrue the satellites directional is how these work to receive 4 degree spaced satellites that are the same in bandwidth/type. Motoring is still less costly to put together all the satellites at offset will require 2 satellite dishes because the parts are only made to receive one satellite at a time for every satellite using a motor and assembly of a polar mount for every satellite; and use of 64 satellite type switches were not needed or used except to choose other new satellites called ku band in 1981. Multi-satellite reception uses switching system to make the newest STB satellite tuner work; and many STB (say 4) are inside the different room's of a house like cable tv...

C Band only 3.4-4.2 Ghz. (5150 lo = 3.7-4.2 500 ea. pol.) lnbf 14/18 sw standard single/twin output with multi-sw = GEOSATpro PLL Single (C1); or (C2) Twin w/multi-sw $23 $36.00 in stock

Titanium C Band bandpass and filter designed for U.S. w/PLL - 3.7-4.2 :: 5150 l.o.

C Band only LNBf made for the USA55.00 Comm. quality 3.7-4.2 GHz. C only

 18 vdc/14 vdc switch, bandpass filter, stability, performance for the USA

FTA Satellite dish - linear or circular

ku band Winegard brand satellite antennabig dishes36" dish (90 cm.)

NEW C Band 6' (180 cm./8' (240 cm.)/10' (300 cm.) and larger dishes now available (Steel or Fiberglass heated) from $500-many. Satellite dishes are rated for: surface accuracy, beamwidth for intended frequency, design for frequency, material weather resistance; gain, s/n ratio's are LNBf focused of 2 degree space.

The Satellite System receives all channel's free to air from one satellite aimed at, and is rated G tv for anytime of the day; free tv/hdtv on a HDTV. They had 720p tv channel's by 82? As a US DBS-200 channel Direct Broadcast Satellite that has Free to air in English programming sent to the entire US (and because the signals are Conus North America); Enlace, TBN, RT News, Daystar, CTN, EWTN, Hope, Juice, Smart Lifestyle, 3ABN, Word Network, His Word, His Light, Gods Learning Channel, Amazing Facts, Amazing Discoveries, Smile, Apostilistic Oneness, Proclaim, Inspiration, The Walk, and the rest of the new and old Christian TV channel's are also FTA, + the most Worldwide Free to Air of many other Countries, languages, or religions. And only using l gig of tv  ; they invented Christian TV/HDTV/IPTV in their broadcast and genre, i call them g tv.

Digital Sound and pictures together were invented here, and there are many Free to Air Radio channel's and non-religous mainstream channel's  you pay for on cable or satellite system's as subscription tv. All of their channel's debuted Free to air in '79/'80's through the '90's.are the encrypted or pay only original broadcast's by the channel's themselves via c band; and only a few companies do all the work and manufacturing cable equipment; monopoly. New cable system's manufactured today; commercial provider equipment for c band has many companies, from small to big; building them in the USA...They charge you for every use and feature the many consumer pay hdtv product's that receive only their signals.5g tv. After l96l, all satellite signal's that were, that are today digital signal's considered .999; are producer cut if pure free to air still today. In order to get the produced for HDTV/U; the programming and channel must be produced for it; and is satellite commercially today. These hidden signals are free tv (new channel's for competition here); and by subscription with any rating; broadcast in the usa. Genre without bias is pay tv only. My personal favorite channel is free tv provider PBS, who have kept their production level camera and hdtv purely, and the best produced picture in the land via c/ku band. Now, the NASA channel's live from space cam in UHD; that is another matter.

22 real robot's made into a Pro Football machine team vs. a real robotic Pro US Football machine team (other than fantasy football) = real robot game.

Pro Humanoid Football Rules = .with only 20 grow's to 50 team's same sized Field's/Arena's/Venue's of food drink/Insurance's - these properties will be created/built within and for use in the US; within the US; and will be insurable/totally controlled space with arena as viewer of their actual real robot game space. The spaces required (venue stated) and 11 player's are each team; as the football is the same game; (each controller human has one robot) is playing with same weight requirement (max. 350 lb.) largest to smallest (9' max. height humanoid bi-pedal with both arm's will/can weigh the same as 6' or smaller; every body is made different with padding/plastic/steel/copper winds). The each player upon alignment is on the field of play "set". Each 1/4 same 15.00 time; then after all the play by play; the game is won by the 11 real controller's real human's; same scoring mechanism; run, catch, play. IT IS THE RUN/CATCH/SCORE.

The rules for professional robotic football are the same as pro football in the US. Size/weight is the only changes, because a robot team would be able to dominate getting larger and larger. This action is basically "rockem' sockem' robot's" on a real "humanoid" field of play; made under total control and pre-determined rules of engagement; the reality is the game is a robot action's required to play the game of football human sized; and totally remotely, where the electricity is inside the box (not the official electric BUZZ TABLE in a box with mechanized team pieces used when you were a kid). This will be made with robot's, they need electricity/motor's.  This game can be made from old WW3 weapon's of mass destruction (robot's aimed at human's)...It can be made into 2 cycle engines only, and electricity/gen.. at the top of the page.

Take this experiment for instance. Using this formula of construction; approx. 60 x 18" dishes = 1088" of small dishes= into over 108 inches (round is 9 feet in diameter with  f/d original) one satellite dish orthogonally established using multi-reflective dialing; of popcorn guitar microwave cutting into 4xpie pieces; double the 1/4 uses outside edge or outside is the addition to make larger circle NEEDS RECURVING (+18"); welding back together with the original 18" dishes SAME CURVED SHAPE F/D ratio means how big the dome gets diameter before the outside get's to 90 degree's or vertical as satellite dish f/d of.375-.40 Unimesh is flat enough to go to 20 foot diameter for satellite reflector uses, before focus becomes 1 or unavailable; and weld/glue this many small directv dishes to accrue a fully focused C/ku Band satellite dish with offset C+KU LNBf.

Of course, there is a problem inside this design (the formula is not stated); it is the roundness of the additional layer that needs changes; as it makes "a orthogonal petal which can float the signal into the feed throat for directional gain" signal reflection instead of keeping a full round dish; the outside of the actual dish and gaps are the face of the reflector when recurving required for every old part is final for the size being accomplished) for every 1/4 panel used (this needs to be jigged for every 1/4 panel, and the item is pressed physically, bent into new shape, making extra area a gap.//... Flatter the dish, the less petal appears (if used with old curve then the f/d changes) (this curve needing to be flatter making bigger "ball"); only doubling the area requires larger ball to be drawn; 2x distance and depth of z axis is added for double area's additional area is moved inside, or to the middle; making the dish same in f/d ratio as the new size and it changes it none. This is the balls size; or the domes size..picture the 18" dishes are about a seavy beta 6 foot satellite dish w/.32 f/d for focal distance of 22 1/2" C Band signal's available as long as the dish does not move; or remains on satellite.

A jig and mold and press is the final dish @ size and depth; a press per 1/4 panel make the gaps/areas/wrinkles appear with larger area focus (the gaps need to be filled/stretched if steel); the reflectors radius doubles; as well as the size of the dish; making the final product of a big ugly satellite dish @ originals 18" f/d at C Band's size. Keeping each 1/4 the same makes the dish grow, the gap follows the first dish and f/d; the petals, or area of old 1/4 panel make the gaps appear petal is original dishes size and depth but are focused size additionally gaining middle of reflectors designed gain and signal's direction. Overlay the gap right, and full signal's gain is accomplished. Take the first dish and petal it with the outside same 1/4 same type and (2) extra dishes. Looks alien, but works with (3) of the same dish, and quartering (2) of them. Mesh dishes that are all bent up and warped also work this way, if you can make it mesh.

1. The 18" dish is cut into 1/4 panels like cutting a pie into 4 equal pieces. Each piece then can be put back, welded and new curve for each curve (using channel iron/alum.); into the spaces.  Normal 18" cut into 1/4 and re-curved like a bow; to new curve for double diameter; is inside or middle of assembly. 1st addition on outside is ( 8 ) 1/4 panels to continue the shape for 36" diameter; then (16) 1/4 panels fit outside the 36" first additional section making 54". From here, you need (32) 1/4 panels to get the next addition; to make 72"; then (64) more 1/4 panels to go to 90" diameter; and (128) 1/4 panels goes to 108", 9 feet.... Now, that is the formula for the assembly to work...welding and bracing is after that many holds for welding shape of outside to inside same as original 18" and a satellite dish of 108 inches the same f/d as the 18" directv dish is the LNBf and required satellite technology; a dvb-s2 h.264 receiver. Of course, the dish only needs one mount and mount pipe; but will need additional bracing of the welded material; because the material is thin like sheet metal, and the outer edge is crimp styled for material and small size used; plus the cutting into 1/4 panel's is needed to be 2axis laser robot cuts perfect 1/4; thin; all the rounds must be followed and kept BY CLAMPING MOLD GLUING: THEN TO A BACKING ALONGSIDE both sides OF THE CUTTING LINE; their roundness or curved shape is kept strong and used in re-assembly, for welding/gluing back together this doubler of the first sized dish system.

2. A collage of the same dish; say 20 directv 18" dishes can be welded into a static curved shaped bowl/dish w/lnbf's and mounting THEN COVERED WITH SHEET OR HOLED OR MESH SIZED STEEL to a very large assembly of LNBf, the number of dishes to go round. This is used to orthogonally accrue each flat dish plate the single curved direction the entire assembly then accrues using every "dish" in the array, covered in "THE CURVED" alum. or steel.

This 1/4 panel double the first sized dish works with (2) more old same 10 foot makes (8) 1/4 panels a 20 foot wide satellite dome/dish using the first dish to array from for a total of 3 dishes, the middle one and the first outside addition of 2 more of the same dishes, same shaped dishes, same brand; as well as (3) new 36" as well as every size in between.; it takes (2) more 47" dishes for (8) 1/4 panels = double to a single 94" (7.9 foot) satellite dish; or 108" is 9 feet; for c or ku band reception. Twice the number of 1/4's is the key. Also, for building a dome; this same design's formula is used; to make it get large enough to use as a constructer, the dome is a formulated to vertical (up/down); or accrual of roof height and strength for work or living in. Plastic's like acrylic block signals, or dis-allow reflection; and some materials work to allow all the signals to flow through (entire rooms are built from plastic). Backing in plastic works fine for strength potions. Glue all this together also and put it inside a box and install it physically it is a plastic many satellite/cable/receiver system.