10 foot local antennaamplified 4008 local VHF/UHF antenna pictureglorystar systembig dishesc band since '61c+kumini-pointspll321s-2_1501.jpgpll321s-2_1501.jpgremote functions throughout a gomespecial remote for macro'snew hdtv mounting free tv also

richtv.net here for FTA Free to air only equipment

U.S. Owner's - No monthly fee. No term's. No contract. receive only. Owned equipment, no monthly fee's with many HD and SD channel's - complete GEOSATpro model HDVR3500 DVB-S2 receiver w/ff, record, rw, pause; TM (time machine) pvr/dvr; of the Free to air channels received; a 90 cm. satellite dish with a single lnbf; 1 GB sdram and 16 included GB space; a pro install kit; in a box; sent to your door.

Internet not included. Complete install kit included for U.S. user's/diy/professional part's

Installation extra

ALL of these channel's are legally received FTA (free to air) digital satellite (DVB-S/S2) or local antenna (ATSC) channel's received since digital in English from within the USA

Heroe's and decades; APTN (AP? trans-network? feed); ESPNradio; Bloomberg feed; Political feeds from as many sides, even Canada (Countries) and live story follow's laws/ways/means/culture of programming shown (US only) we broadcast too other's; Countries nearby and afar (International Long Distance), multi-cultural type's; channel's made to serve/allow/get payed for they are U.S. CHANNELS IN ENGLISH /advertise on; to the Countries of this Channeling $$$ Australia, Russia, Canada, ASIAN in many other's also; Japan (they pay for our's and send their's receiving money for their pay tv channel's). 

Justice Dept. ad channel (Department's in Federalism, like AFN); The Pentagon Channel; "The Olympic's 2016"; Jewish Life, CCTV News Channel in English+their Art's likened to Science Channel in Chinese w/subtitling language support; tuffTV; Classic Arts Showcase, Gem Shopping Network; The MET live (Sat.), reelz, Pursuit, Horse racing, multi-racing motorcycle/car/truck feed's; 24 hr. a day NASA Media, Education, Mission and HD, + feeds; REV'N; retrotv and PBS HD, World, Kids, Vme (Vme kids); Create; NHK World+feed's; RTnews America+multi RTV; Veterans Affairs Knowledge Network; Patient Channel; TCT Kids; TCT; BYU and their feeds; lotta news feeds; College Sports Television (CST)sports feed's of so many even LOCAL ANTENNA CHANNELS; and many satellite fta FOX feeds; NBC feeds; ABC feeds; CBS feeds; PBS or their feeds via FTA Satellite dish plus Independents; the Industry is Commercial Delivery of every high dollar/cost channel also direct from the channel Commercially in the past and today very specially delivered wirelessly and Nationwide; making easy access to the best tv money can buy delivery (COM), of them ALL downloading occur's type data rate means real fast real wide; real heavy and over 5MB (8x5Mb) is actually running at over 2 Gig in width for each satellite in newer designs. THEY ARE IN ORIGINAL FORMATS AND NEW FORMATS OF HD VALUE and many auction's Cutlery Corner, HSNQVCSHQP, shopNBCAAN, Perry's Estate Jewelry, Jewelry TV, PersianBazaar; or goin'' live sales; lotsa ION Kids, ION East, and ION+, ION HD West; other's have the old favorites MASH, Maude, The Lone Ranger, movies and new movies (releases and types for $) can be those who broadcast to everybody in the US LOCAL market or sell their series to high bidder's or other channels; as producer's have many valued properties adding for satellite deliver's ANYWHERE IN US/CANADA/MEXICO for NA. And like METV and COZI or CW; who are now additional real local channel's digital today; plus the local gov. (STATE) channel's like AK. WA.; FL. and CA. your local cable co. has; plus the University associated (WA., CA. etc.) lotsa national beams - PBS LA. or OK.; AMI (new descriptive service channel for the blind); Canadian TV (CTV); French Atlantic time zone CTV; and Political feed's from US Cities and live news trailer's/trucks galore for current events...Galaxy 19 @ 97W  over 70 Christian channels by Glorystar; channels of UHD and 3D (Comm. delivery); digital audio began here and is here FTA as is CC and latin channels; EWTN X 6 + Vatican radio, in different languages and definitions plus feeds; channel's pre-viewed as "originated" in programming and syndication (these are very special feeds); Lottery feeds from multi-States; and a new type of game feed from Canada; this list has grown to many Free To Air channels; via C Band and Ku Band free to air reception

Make your home into a Free to Air HDTV System; for your smartphone to watch and control - Your space is your home.

Comparing cost's of installing your own; or paying for HDTV programs and features (via cable, satellite, internet); buying the equipment for free HDTV channel's (starts at $200-$300 equipment cost plus installation delivered); compared to the cost ($180 mo.+cellphone) of cable/internet/phone services/alarm Services that do not work without a monthly cost, that do not work if your provider presses the off button compared to free tv services available in your home. ONLY Pay TV System (leased equipment/channels/features high cost; high quality and the features part of their services fee Cable or Satellite TV cost averages after customer order of channels per month cost = if $180 mo. = 1 yr. 12x180 = $2160. Batching was illegal, but many people in rural area's pay for any services they can get and when you combine internet and phone and pay tv; it is $300-$500 per month on average (rent/home not included); in the City, Cable companies batch at $180.00 for phone/internet/tv; on average. 1 yr. 12x180 = $2160 ); 1 yr. 12x$500 = $6000 (Pay TV and Services only - satellite tv only! After 10 years (w/o costs rising) you can buy a home/2nd home with the money ($) you save = $21,600 or $60,000; if you just cancel pay tv servicer's (Cable or Satellite) for the 10 years you want to save $; and their equipment in your home is removed; after buying and setting up your own fta equipment. Also works for renter's, as they never have to pay for HDTV local programming and they can then afford the rent. The system then combines all types of free to air services and the equipment types and companies like "National Broadcast Co. Universal" or "American Broadcast Co." or "Public Broadcast System" and "FOX" or "Continental Broadcast System" and many other's; provide the free tv program's the best in the US and locally; plus the many other Satellite TV Fta channels. Internet TV Free to air channels are also available with the remote on your HDTV as is reception of Free WiFi; making the S in their truck/motorhome/auto can look for Free WiFi on the road via their HDTV (like a laptop) inside the STB.

ONLY Free to Air System - 4 rooms; 4 STB=GEOSATpro HDVR3500; 2 antenna outside mounted $0 per month; no contract's; no credit check; all channels received for free $600 cost plus shipping to your door = 3 antenna = Local (Terr.) and Satellite (DVB-S/S2) and IP (software) antenna combined System for better internet and network connections. GEOSATpro HDVR3500 STB is satellite and Internet, Pro Install Kit has (4) diplexer's and 3x4 multi-switch; lot of (4) room install kit parts; (3) outside coax cable's to the Home distribution box from outside sources of (2) satellite and (1) antenna w/pre-amp out; pre-amplifier powered w/120ac plugged in inside box, then to antenna in of 3x4 SW; plug-in box for connection to your home coax; (6) 4 ft./+1.5 ft.) coax cables; ground's and ground wire's for cabling/dish/local; for wiring your home's existing cable/coax IN THE COAX BOX to each room; where the cable company hook's is the homes it is in unless cable is used on wire; (2) outside antenna (36" Satellite dish with dual feed LNBf (Twin) and (1) local antenna Terrestrial single output; (2) outside mount's; diplexer's are combined style for use of local antenna's outside connection to (4) homes coax cables directly to (one coax to each with no obstruction;

(4) rooms; and one (1) diplexer in each room with each antenna coax to (4) HDTV tuner's for local connection and the best programs and local free tv; and satellite tv channels from dish using STB each also hook to the diplexer via same coax in each room. You get both types of Free to Air signal's to (2) FTA tuner's on one (1) coax to each room. Each of the (4) GEOSATpro HDVR3500 (PVR) also have FTA Internet TV (or just the "internet" available wirelessly or 10/100t wired). Self-Installation Kit is every part you need. Pro-installation and paid internet provider accounting is extra.

satellite tv system with GEOSATpro

*KU Band Free To Air digital Satellite channels List


10 foot local antennaThe liveamplified 4008 local VHF/UHF antenna picture games in pro and college of course are here, as well as the $ FOR LOCALLY CARRIED In the US, FOR US local people; the highest dollar advertising and highest rated programming (the bestest).

LOCAL is AM/FM and low power-A and digital ATSC HD/SD TV

10 foot local antenna

ATSC digital local provider's of the channel CBSFox is a Free TV channel using a local antennaABC is a local Freely received channelNBC is a Free TV channel using a local antennaPBS

*Free To Air USA "Local Antenna" Market List

*C/KU Band Motorized Digital FTA reception in the US

In the USA, C band (3.7-4.2) and Ku Band (11.7-12.2 GHz) broadcast's DIRECTLY FROM THE CHANNELS COMMERCIALLY for many year's still today are the highest valued and watched channel's in the World They are received in the highest quality produced for hdtv; or tuned in better has a source they use they cannot get better than (camera/prod./crew); it is how i watch "TV today"; using System Design and "sized" technology. 

vbox 7 is big dish moverbig dishesc+kupll321s-2_1501.jpgremote functions throughout a gomespecial remote for macro'snew hdtv mounting free tv alsoc band since '61actuator arms

C band 1.2 DISEqC controller's and actuator/motor's

USA channel's in 'espanol

*C/KU Band Free To Air digital satellite tv channels List in Spanish / Latino / Portuguese espanol Languages available in the United States and throughout North America

What the asteric's (* or **) means


Download page - files and types are equipment specific since 1976

USA Broadcasting for FTA receive only; using one 36 inch satellite dish with linear lnbf that is aimed at one satellite, G19 Ku 11.7-12.2 GHz; for over 200 free to air channels; now with internet tv. Many languages to choose; from the many religion's of the World broadcast here free to air. 

The many Churches, Religion's; Cult's; Countries of the World will not show the Religion's of North American or South American Indigenous "human" multi-Tribes or even their old ways of life. I do not wonder why anymore. A BUD (C Band satellite dish) is not required for them to watch tv; but free to air Tribal channel types that do exist on C Band, the big ugly dish throughout North America.

Glorystar approved DISH Dealer: Approved GEOSATPRO Satellite Systems; Parts; and Service, always with Warranty

**Glorystar Satellite Systems



List of PowerVu VU+ auto-roll pay tv only channel's and PPC; (pay-per-channel) tech for must haves in channel selection/selectors

Do you get told that BUD's are a thing of the past; when really, way over 200 channels are available for Free (worth Million's, they also sell themselves as pay tv only channel's in other provider system's), not requiring any payment for their monthly viewing; and include channel's sold by cable timewarner/cox/comcast/etc. and pie dish directv dish network companies in the USA; that you get to receive, record; rw; ff; and pause; for free?

wavy picture of offset lnbf design 

Have you noticed that your TV packages are getting more costly; and you even pay for recording and other features; or that their dish is getting bigger; and no channels can be received without their monthly payment for any of them (and even the locals cannot be bought one at a time))); or that you no longer own "receiver's" and "features" like a HD DVD recorder or Satellite box has had since equipment release; and cannot install it yourself to enjoy if you want even though you own the actual dish, but not the box>..and has no FTA feature or tuner of anything called an fta.

Do you want Free TV program's, advertiser supported TV, rated for time of Broadcast channel's; NEW channels and Live TV and channels you cannot receive any other way?

Look at all the satellite tv products available for owners of a big dish


"The hobby" is highly valued and cost pretty pennies ($10,000's in the Commercial World) to dot.com $100's to start. MANY C Band (since '61 3.7-4.2 Ghz. @4/5=80% .999) the larger satellite dish has never had a better value (a new one still cost's $1000's at 10'); for the channel's today number to over 500 FTA w/ c/ku lnbf and over 50 satellites using a motor; all kind's and type's of satellites are acquired by using X2 lnbf (C+KU) and H/V typed linear signal in US Standard 5150 /10750 LO.; digital signal reception; with dolby and AAC encoding; on one bigger 6-12 foot  dish. Many Ku band (since '81 11.7-12.2 4.5/5) DVB-S/S2 channels listed IS the Ku satellite FTA channels FOUND in English and other latin based searches; the channel names are the only new names as carry only; as added fta channels. Yes, a local antenna can be as big as 10 feet in length since a TV was invented. Today, in most major market's (City) one of their channels is now X5-10 more local channels. Here, ATSC is bringing you the highest qualities and more of the program's and highest rated (time of day) programming you deserve and want. And in the Cities, just a small piece of bare wire plugged into a HDTV may be all that is needed (the antenna).

Since 2001, the Cloud and time as money; they owed THE PAY TV EQUIPMENT to the Consumer for free because the consumer does not get to own it (and they say they do); and the equipment is in your own space will not work (they have the off button) if you, the account's owner, do not pay them. The internet provider's and phone provider's ($internet/$phone) do the same; but only the best internet in Rural area's (2-5 Mb) will allow even its use at the bandwidth the satellite tv channels are on and providing already (. Satellite TV was @35-50 Mhz. per channel in the analog days (and bandwidth, as is today's satellite internet); today they use 1-5 Mb typing in digital channelingo days old. The newer UHD however is count downloadable at x2 = 1 terrabyte.

Using ATSC modulation:

In today's home cable/hdtv modulation standard is the ability for the HDTV to tune Digital cable or ATSC seperately. If sold in U.S., only ATSC tuning is required because cable tv is not free, and ATSC is. A correct tuner for ATSC cable for the home/business is built into every TV/HDTV made for the US market. To make your own cable system from your home wiring is still just as easy; and the new ATSC modulator's only today cost to $1,500 each; as did good cable boxes in the old days. Each mod can then "serve" your home onto your "HDTV". These type items (caller id; picture from certain camera; front door chime; notice, light's outside are now on; intruder alert; heart rate 75norm;), then become your displayed true HD pictures sent to the HDTV by you. Then the system can also be whatever devices you want to control (like looking as your RC airport [[drone camera of your own space]] in the back yard); or have "receive the function" the emails are meant for like calendar alerts (appointments); or invitation's accepted here; or sales of Zzz but "hdtv" mods. And you want to own your own space in virtual reality is also a game machine; and the people that do not see your realized home automation; or real place in your own home is where you are at and the hdtv mods are added to the way you want to have and see the recording; then the phone rings; the sensor alert system (but not the Emergency Alert System) is the alarm that will go off very loud locally in the System; and it is alerting.


Here for free tv/hdtv/uhd programming is received via Local (Terr.) and Satellite (DVB-S/S2) and IP (software) communication's in the USA. The Laws of each Country for Communication's are programming and reception based electrical product's that say what is allowed at what time; and how it is rated as Words and Actions into your brain. These programs then are either allowed or not allowed; and ratings can be applied for showing how long the programs run, each; and whether they are fiction or non-fiction (or VR); or have broken time zone language/sexual/violence typed rates. Watch the 2017 Super Bowl for free; watch the 2016 Olympic's in Rio de for Free; watch your internet on your biggest HDTV; put the camera on the HDTV also; and caller id; then listen to the digital audio roar. Yes, you can! Using ATSC modulation. If you looked into the sky with a satellite antenna there are over 50 satellites 24 hrs. per day, with FTA program's, and even if there are only 5-10 channels of free tv on each; that is 250-500 more free tv channels. And in fact, there are thousand's today (1,000's); with all the top names and rated program's for US viewer's. Only local antenna receive the best local program's for free (and Pro Football and "The Olympic's"). And sometimes, just a small piece of bare wire is all that is needed to be plugged into your HDTV's digital tuner. Your Emergency Broadcast System, and FM then works better this way, also.

Today, thousands of channels are free to air; from Pro and local rated Football games, to your wedding you just recorded and Maude, or The Lone Ranger and "the news"; programs sent to the public free to air many different ways; by many different people and businesses. They are the highest rated programming also, and carry the highest dollar advertising rates. Any TV/HDTV in the US has a tuner built-in for you to watch TV with an antenna; a local antenna from the City to the Suburb's. Other notable channels that are free to air are carried via a satellite dish and a STB (set-top box); and provide 100's more free to air channels; even thousands more. And using IPTV with Free to air in mind; another 10,000+ channels are added. How much more TV do you need?

Use Free to Air TV reception devices: on the internet your Android quad core in STB (remote has 6-axis motion det. and microphone is a game machine; and even a sports machine); and tuner's for satellite and local and internet (software antenna) FTA channels (US is DVB-S2 and ATSC and IP :: reception formats) received at home networked. Watching, using, controlling your "video/audio system everywhere" using another item you own and pay for internet use on; a Android cellphone w/lollipop; and using the opensource project kodi (communication/networking) + opensource project OPENelec (remote control of Home - lights on/off/dim; motor curtains; servo/mag motor door/entry gate; security; sensors;) at your "internet" home "computer" yours; (opensource project; LINUX of today); today you can like you have since 1992. Free to air product's made for US use have no way to charge you for recording, pausing, or rewinding, or watching it on your cellphone; nor for receiving free to air channels. That is why they are based on open source programming; that is if a "you channel" wants to provide themselves for free; or if it is a Law about those who already broadcast free to air via satellite, or internet, or locally; they can be received by anybody who wants to use FTA the same with their own antenna; IT to even see; allow you your free tv you provide is your own (and the remote control you use takes control of any device you own); DVD or fta channels tunin'; or for also seeing pay tv channels that are at your home (Home Theatre). Anybody else can also watch your tv you provide to them; with your cell or IT if you let them the entire system could actually be given to alien's and they now watch your tv and change the channels but remember; you buy and maintain the system and network yourself (pay the multi-2x$$$ internet is into the 1k and above per month in data cost for use; also is the addressing required in IT). And you are who does provide your transmission to yourself and it is yours by Law. And you can even watch your camera's live where they are (like from a drone with remote :: kids toy today); From here it is a fine science as NASA is remote controls+ if you hook them up to the "internet" there (even in business or 2nd home/space of your own).

The cost of Free to Air HDTV equipment is about an hour of your time (per hoot); and use of your home cable system; and you are the cable guy/gal and owner of your own equipment; like your own theatre; gamer's box since time began; (your computer, your Local News, The Super Bowl live 3-5 seconds earlier than everybody else, digital stereo, dolby, HD cd/dvd with HQ AM/FM) and display still for it all should be and has been since you bought a HDTV and your cell phone for every room in the house.

The RIO 2016 has (2) KU satellite dishes - Free To Air Satellite/IPTV(network)/Local Antenna (SMATV+i) Master Control System - GEOSATpro HDVR3500 and multi-antenna digital installation part's - internet or Installation not included

- satellite dish antenna + WIFI antenna internet + Local antenna = 3 antenna + STB for up to 4 HDTV coax rg-6 rated (use 2 coax better than one). This item is: up to 4 Multi-HDTV Satellite Master System (SMATV-i) + IPTV - antenna and satellite distribution/combined System - (4) HDTV System STB + Installer parts = diplexers; pre-amp; (3) types of Antenna; RG-6 coax and connectors; full satellite/wifi/local antenna Install Kit-pro; you supply HDTV's and their mount/furnishings; richtv.net supplies (4) coax type wired (home cables) w/STB in ea. room; (4) hooks to local wireless router with $Internet; hooks to wired switch (10/100t); hooks (4) hdtv's to HDMI in each room; hooks (4) STB to fta satellite dish (US); hooks to local antenna (US) inside or outside mount/antenna/splitter/diplexer X (4); uses (4) rg-6 cables one to each of the room's; hooks ATSC and DVB-S2 AND Internet TV to (->) up to (4) HDTV or U-HDTV and dolby digital WITH AM/FM HQ; single mode distribution; multi-mode STB is satellite and internet; HDTV got local? Only +$100 for multi-hdtv reception.

And the facts stand; a Free To Air satellite dish (parabolic round) can be mounted upsidedown, sideways, layed on the ground (tie them down to your property); or on normal pipe straight up; and as long as the lnbf is on the halo and skewed, coma plugged, and center of dish aimed; the satellite meter and selection of the channels are the Origination Point of many signals; and the newer receiver's will scan any of these high power (C or KU Band) satellites in space!

NASA tAn antenna for both terrestrial, satellite; and now IP (internet protocol) TV using only software and the internet.pbs kidscreate_pbsv_me_tvocn_broadcasting_usv_me_kids.pngtelemundo_esteazteca_sietemi casa networksino_satellite_tvWorld Harvest TVsur_perumea TVtouch_vision_usSpanish languages are on big dishLA TVthe_africa_channel_us.pngNacion TV from Houstondfgsdfashion_one_euMulti-path via antenna ATSC digital local channel CBS Fox is a Free TV channel using a local antennaABC is a local Freely received channelCW is a Free TV channel using a local antennaNBC is a Free TV channel using a local antennaPBSpbs_hd_east producer PBS channeling0 CSTVClassic Arts Showcase is digital now on big dishpursuit_channelwillow_usquboPuerto, Rico and Jamaicawaoh_29_akronion_tv_plusion_lifetuff_tv_eastMeTVfree_speech_tv_uswapa_america50+ digital audio channel'sNashvillethe_patient_channel_ussmart_lifestyle_tvsmile_of_a_childinspiration_tv_usdare_to_dream_network3abn_englishthe_university_networkthe_church_channel_uschristian_tv_networklesea_broadcasting_network_usewtn_cashepherds_chapel_usthe_word_networkwbn_tv_usKnife shownsjewelry_tvshopping qvcshop hqpersian_bazaar_tvGemstone Shopping NetworkAAN what more can i say?TCTtct_kids_usgebzns_usfilm_on_tv_uson_tv_4utin tvlife church tvABC san juan, puerto ricoabc_news_oneIndependentFOXFlorida .govtvw_usPennsilvaniauniversity_of_washington_tvWatch it CA.

Here for free tv and pay tv solutions are how the U.S.A. watches tv today (and the internet you want faster); what you get to watch is your own choice. However, it is a choice also whether you want to pay for some of them; or not pay because they are free in your area and Country. This is not the question. You need EVERY TECHNOLOGY TO RECEIVE EVERY CHANNEL (and that includes types of signals/bands). If you want the highest quality pictures use the biggest you can get, build a movie theatre or use what the theatre's use or use a big hd FTA satellite dish; or a pay satellite dish. And if you must have the local ad's for local people by your's or other's in your area local businesses and people/human's ONLY local antenna will receive them and for free. If you want pay tv channels; there are many ways locally; and where cable leaves off satellite gain's. If you want free tv channel's via microwave, there are three antenna (local/WiFi/satellite+mod); and each you buy and install yourself (or pay professional antenna and satellite help; basic electricity); and own your equipment; listed on this website are the types; legally and freely. It is spy gear; also mega-ear phonic, SETI; or a wifi backen; if you want "it" has "cookin'" ability; what else do you want the satellite dish (round) to do?

The DBS Co's directv you're dis'n does a site survey; installation; and location of the wires/coax/mount (to receive 99/101/103W +110/119 satellites with all (4) receiver's they install) is very close to the best spot for a Glorystar install to take place; and the dish spot they install CAN BE USED FOR G19 97w ... Their equipment is your's after 2 yrs. or early temination fees are paid. If they are on/in your home and you are not paying for them anymore; use them instead after you send them their equipment (the receiver's and the LNBf's that are mounted to system while contract is being enforced or is during the time you use them and the contract you are on). The wiring they have installed on/in your home; according to them and their work; is worth $750.00 of your monthly payments during the term of the contract (the early termination fee is based on this "value" they have added to your home). After the Contract is fulfilled (payed); the installed coax and mount/dish is your's. The dish they use must be taken down and replaced with your NEW FTA dish. Their cables can be used if they go directly to the room's you had their receivers in. DN installations point their dish to different satellites, however, if the NEW fta dish can be aimed to 97W without obstruction from their installed dish spot; their CABLES/post can be used also. Many of the older dishes/lnbf's as a combo can be used for FTA reception; they must be min. 24" with the linear lnbf centered the parts used; mostly Commercial typed installation's. These system's are the building owner's asset and are usually being used for private cable in buildings (leave these type systems alone as the operator knows what they do, they pay the rent); and if they are no longer "hooked" to the buildings coax system; they can be used after the building owner allows it.

List of PowerVu VU+ auto-roll pay tv only channel's and PPC; (pay-per-channel) tech for must haves in channel selection

PowerVu (and PowerVu plus) via a C Band dish is in every studio in the world of multi-channel providers and is the highest tested encryption quality using an elipse from a Scifi book cable guy recommend's THIS LIST'S 1000's to choose from (preview; not easy using big ugly huge 10C Band only dishes- soon 4k and hdmi 2.0 and digital audio codes have all claimed this original band and way via directv and dish network's moldee non-self installed system mentality (today the satellite tv they provide via dbs or privately held, "space"; these are the newest codes in ty'ping :: Since '61 almost all channel's that sell themselves do so as cost per channel; per user; and time based (quality depended on provider). Check the quality on the NEW C BAND Consumer Satellite Cable PAY TV with PPV/PPC (pay per channel) DIGITAL Satellite/NETWORK RECEIVER

How satellite and cable companies use and provide bandwidth today using their own satellites and others; buy/pay the channel's (one at a time contractually) it is also a number of US companies newest pay per channel technology for consumer hands [check the quality of broadcast, even 4g scale's to 600x800 screen's used (apping is cable today, and fills about 1/4 of the "screen"); will go to highest $ (even with a quality ATSC) and for download only on ppv will stress even glass]. Normally, some channel's are not available or avail. only in certain area's and States they cannot re-broadcast to x or provide to are located in this list. All US Broadcast rules like Blackout of Locally held stadium Pro Sporting event's (area's without local coverage like Alaska and Oregon who have no pro "teams" major in this thinking; but do not have any population either have no blackouts); and Terrestrial Broadcast rules in channel's and programming (channels pay them/others so the program's/actor's/producer's/production's they contract with); are followed; so some channels in pay tv lists are only avail. or un-available depending on where you live in the US. It is basic Law controlled by the channel's themselves (and who owns the right to broadcast "their program"ming); but ensures the channels get paid their contracted rating first (based on how many they broadcast to, or the market served; of which the rest [program/syndication/writer/producer/actor] are paid their "carriage"), today directly if they want. The encryption is an established "best" in Standards and Control's for the last 20 year's the 2 satellite dbs receiver's do not use, and all Studio Quality Receiver's like directv, Cable Broadcaster's, use at their studio's; and today the Consumer gets to order what they want shown on their HDTV's, per channel they want to buy. As this is today, and other US Companies use up their end of pay-per-channel technologies; the packages Satellite and Cable Companies actually cost less for large amounts of channels (and are technically a very high bandwidth to reach them HD with so many channel's and now UHD). But if you are like me; I watch only about 3-5 local's and 20 satellites or more total channels any one day of the week; so looky here; check out C Band and local ATSC. It is the best longest lasting NASA technology payed for by for the people of the US; but has been this way pay-per-channel technologies since 1961 and the Cable revolution (pay tv) or even today's internet. Anything else is and has always been found to be less lasting.

These angles are a part of "the science of the light"; and are the same power of reflection by the dish to multi-lnbf "feeding frenzy" mounting systems that use plastic to isolate the lnbf's from any other signal that is being tuned or used is a system with diseq switches (16 inputs for 16 lnbf's or 2/4/8). DISEq switches work because they shut off power to the other lnbf's, and the other lnbf's no longer "oscl." at the same frequency as the working lnbf selected in the system. 

The answer is; if you want the best produced pictures for a tv in the USA; it is also how to use the technology even Commercial Broadcaster's use; you must own a satellite dish like they use; and bigger is better...

Is the basis of its reception and uses a larger dish (or if dbs only need 18"; or 14" of the dish used and hybrids) like their signal today is very strong; spotbeams are even stronger. Used with multi-lnbf or parabolic of the dish at aimed reflection.

Basic (1) Channel per view/record FTA satellite multi-recorder HD Satellite updated Complete System

glorystar system

ku band Winegard brand satellite antenna

Multi-sat bracket


2 more lnbf holders; 2 more satellites received

GEOSATpro C Band PLL Single (C1); or (C2) Dual/Twin w/multi-sw

Glorystar programmed FTA Receiver only dvb-s2 h.264

New low cost hdmi digital satellite w/ pvr

Today's TVRO is digital hdtv and local antenna and cable and satellite dish and FTA channel's; DVB-S and DVB-S2 and ATSC and WIFI are basically digital standards of broadcasting in the USA allowed and controlled locally choose all you can receive with FTA own equipment for receiving Free to Air HDTV reception (included with a HDTV today is a ATSC/QAM tuner inside + 10/100t) -- free tv like it used to be.

Hobbies using old NASA technology like radar, geo-synchronous satellites for comm. ( digital satellite tv ), robotic's (?), and the remote control (?); are in Standardized Test pattern to live Broadcasting (DVB-S2 h.264 8psk+). Free electricity is a stretch.

free phone instructional availabe - using google talk (free online phone); using fta satellite dish (free digital hdtv channels); using fta local antenna (free digital hdtv channels); using fta signals (free portable stb Wifi). etc.; etc.

 Multi-sat LNBf bracket; steel

mini-points2 more lnbf holders with bolt-on steel bracing easy as 1/2/3

C+Ku Band lnbf w/22 khz. SW-allows second dish; or diseq SW; or dual band single satellite (2Gig in width)


the satellite named spot in space 

+ or add these sidewinder Ku offset's with ku universal .2 db lnbf below and bracket above and this 1x4 1.0 DISEqC SW

C Band lnbf sw H/V 14-18vdc; 28.95 for single (C1) LNBf; dual/twin w/multi-sw (C2) C Band only

C Band lnbf

c band since '61

GEOSATpro C Band PLL Single (C1); or (C2) Dual/Twin w/multi-sw

FTA Satellite dish

ku band Winegard brand satellite antenna~30" (76 cm.) Winegard ds-2076 (steel dish)

36" dish (90 cm.)36" GEOSATpro (steel dish)

mini-pointshow the mount looks adding lnbf'smulti-sat aiming

big dishes10' used C Band dish

NEW C Band 6' (180 cm./8' (240 cm.)/10' (300 cm.) and larger dishes now available (steel or Alum. mesh); terms are pre-pay cost+FOB before shipment

KU Band only LNBf

the satellite named spot in space

NEW .2 db linear Universal 10.7-12.75 single



Big Ugly Dish (to 12') has the most channels available (a all Commercial System's delivery are here) many in Free to Air mode

rehab your olde C Band dishes only

products for Free TV channel viewing -- adding to your existing "Video/Audio System" is the use of Equipment and Product's that mate style and grace to a Home or Business; save your monthly fee's associated with a "Systems" use; and provide the best in Home Entertainment. More channels, more abilities to use and control the Video/Audio Experience when you are inside or outside your Home or Business. Your TV's, your favorite channel's, your programs, your video's, your song's, your camera's; you in total control! And your display works easily! And a STB (Set-top Box-menu) now has an Operating System called Android Jellybean for Media (Apps); Production (Apps); Recording (while watching another); Control (Apps); Networking; Playing on the Android of most any of the Android games! Thousands of Applications and Games; made for the Android work on these Android's Machine (operates/works with). Built by you (your skins of look and feel; you as the owner of administer to) just like you do for your cell phone, PC, Machine! 

Today's satellite system has a much different "touch" or "feel"; where they hide tuning in by using switches; receivers; leases; (for H/V and/or numbers of satellite dishes and/or lnbf's); then select each frequency using no moving parts (again both directv and dish also) DISH AND DIRECTV HAVE EACH USED DIFFERENT PARTS (and fta receivers today can do both older types of dbs signals; basically DVB-S and ATSC plus foreign typed signals and switch protocol's and satellite ownership terminology).

And the frequencies yesterday were a hard wired subject; where today the "scanning" is their wired subject (they scan, or enter into a memory the parameters of receiving a band of signal).

TIPS from a Pro

Remember, channels received from National Broadcaster's can appear and disappear as they add or subtract channels designed for broadcast to their audience. Some of these channels listed may not be broadcast any more, and others may have appeared since this writing. I will try to keep it as current as possible.

Channels using a Free-to-Air C and/or KU Band Satellite System include many live sporting events; from Pro Football's Pre-Season games to all the different College sports events not on local or pay tv. Programs are sent to  broadcasters via live (only on when the event is happening) feeds found on randomly selected satellites and frequencies; as are live news feeds of major stories.

Those who like to search for live events and broadcasts love this "feature" of FTA use, because they can, using their remote control, search for the occasional and new channel programming broadcasts.
"Blind Scan, Blind Search, Smart Search, PowerScan, etc." are menu functions allowing FTA receiver owners to "look" at all frequencies a satellite has, to see if it is being used. These menu functions then "automagically" enter into memory the required parameters (Symbol Rate-SR, Frequency-FREQ, Program ID- PID, Video ID- VID, Audio ID- AID) so that they find new programs to watch on their televisions. The channels that show up are being broadcast only on that certain day at a certain time that they "blind scan" for them or are new 24 hr. broadcasters decisions and additional new channels or placements on a satellite of channels that move to newer or more locations within the satellite providers realm of broadcast.

is easy button

Why do the free tv channels cost money every month? Why can't we just buy the channels we like to watch? Why does my friend pay nothing for tv programming that is the highest rated day/nite tv channels and what most people watch when they watch tv? Why do hdtv channels I want to watch cost money each month? Why is the cost per month a rental fee on the equipment instead of really owning? Free tv is received with equipment you legally buy; legally receive channels with.a signal you do not have to pay for is received for free; legally; just like FM radio has been for many, many years; and continues to be using the air in your neighborhood. That your tv guy or gal will not tell you over 1000 channels of radio and TV are free; they also will not tell you how to receive free tv or radio; nor tell you what channels are free.normally when there is no cable/wire/neighborhood tower or signals are weak AND you do not want ANY CONTRACT OR MONTHLY FEE you also get to listen and see the difference by watching and previewing THE HIGHEST QUALITY RATED BROADCAST'S FIRST AND FOR FREE plus it is already worth the space you are in; for 3D and UHD and a smaller getting larger satellite dish is used FTA; making HDTV RECEPTION FREE in your area for you to use. "How it is made" legal free tv reception equipment and what channels it receives via satellite or over the air in the US is only the type of broadcast and kind of reception equipment that has been legally sold since the invention of a HDTV (TV); and home owners and business owners use for the channels already sent to them using the digital format's and legally provided FTA air theory which is considered old low power stuff.

Hidden technology today

directv and dish net installers cannot mount their dishes the way FTA installers/techs CAN (they already think they know why not) mainly because they have a multi-sat SWitched toroidial (square) type satellite dish; and fta installers have the parabolic (round) type of satellite dish! Ever wonder why their dish is getting bigger and bigger?

10 foot local antenna

Seating for HDTV 

Home typed seating

Single/Double/Couch are with speaker wire bass module; and can have multiple effective sensory plus the remote control


Stage typed for Theatre

The seating is staggered in height front to back; speakers and system is designed to the audiences view.


Theatre's design

Designed in height's to measures of the ear and where each are located in a room (radar); and what does what noise removal's or echo; the system is designed to the audiences; and treat them as decoral placements; such is the controlled

Located in The Great State of Oregon


After a System of wiring and products (satellite tv system and local tv antenna system and iptv system) is bought and installed into a home or business; no contract is signed and no monthly fee is payed forever. The channels and programming watched is legally free forever; and will change, for the better (more free digital channels) forever

The motor is 24-36vdc and has a programmed controller called a V Box 7 and many other 1.2 DISEq control boxes do the same DVB-S2 receiver hook-up wiring, or send their commands to; or use a 4DTV for the motors controller as their's is USALS FOR C BAND USE. LNBf's (one or two lnbf's and many more) are moved (or switched) to each channel this way. After the installation is accomplished, the signals and channels span a large amount of space. New or Old, the list of channels continues to grow, ebb, and flow.

using a PC with Channel listing - 

This list, in the start directv cardreaders '97 (six month's after their beta-test) early to 1999 then 2003-recently and still present in 2016 has all of the pay only tv $tv subscription based channel's in it; received from their satellites (the ones they own); provided by dish network, bell, directv, and the rest; all of their signal's and channel's they provide as pay (subscription) only; even though Hughes and Echosphere say they did not provide them for free (and say their dealer's did). Needless to say; their information was used for reception of their own and others they have packaged on their satellites as their own packages (owned channels get paid for their programming), and they have only recently removed a number of the equipment types they were using to do it. 

Today's Satellite TV only depends on the newer typed definition; or MPEG-IV typing in data rate; and the CAM/CAS secured on a separate level of reception; or "access" that is considered Consumer pay tv equipment (this makes an easy button). The addressing, or payment verification for your DIRECTV or DISH NETWORK receiver's are what you lease, or cannot own (the receivers); they program via their satellite signal to allow or disallow channels and features of their equipment, and you pay them to do it. I pay for Monday Night Football; I get ESPN (channel's like ESPN are located pay only highest tier never fta) for a $ part of the tier of programming I pay for, alot. To be able to see or have available all channel's; you must own every technology.

A FTA receiver or program does not work this way; but relies upon you to provide the programmed parameters of a MPEG-IV or MPEG-II digital satellite signal (or ATSC local antenna signal); and aim the dish or antenna at them (the FTA Broadcast). These program's; applications; and information and data; are freely distributed in the manuals; forum's; and webpages; each receiver manufacturer has available for their type (brand/label) of Free to Air equipment; considered Embedded; or controlled; by the signals it is made for to legally receive/record/pause/rw the FTA channels in your Country that they are allowed for; and are Broadcast that way. They are the highest rated program's and equipment for your HDTV, also made for USA reception and is the high quality programs (what you watch daily); and recorded/paused/ff/rw is the BEST EQUIPMENT IN THE USA available new or used; antenna/antenni/antenna's for FTA